Spring Trending: Get your print on

Spring is literally just around the corner! Literally, as in two days away! w-t-f.

The short but sweet glimpses of sunshine here in Dunedin are few and far between, and I’m craving summer more than a fat kid craves cake. And while spring in Dunedin does produce flowers and baby lambs, it does not produce any significant rise in temperature. To my utter disgust.

So, while our overseas fashionista’s speak of prints and florals adorning our wardrobes this season, I plan to rock mine in blissful ignorance to the fact that there is no sunshine, meadows or butterflies in studentville to accent my colourful ensemble. Because I can.

Here is a little inspiration to get you ready for the mildly warm weather from the Spring 13 collections!!  Get amongst it.
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I Moustache you a Question

I have been known to have a slight obsession with all things mustache.. and I must say my collection is getting a tad out of control. Here are a few of my favourite mustache pieces!

Moustache Ring

Moustache Earring Collection

Moustache Necklace

Moustache Sunglasses
Photo on 26-11-12 at 1.34 PM

Moustache Hair Bow (Made by Me) Keep an eye out for more of my hair bow pieces x