5 DIY Easy Beauty Hacks

Who doesn’t love a sneaky DIY? I have 5 easy-peasy beauty tips to get the most out of your products and most importantly,  your budget!

[ 1. Get instant 3D lips by adding frosted eyeshadow! ]
Add a soft coating of shiny eyeshadow over the top of lipstick or lipgloss for a fuller look
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[ 2. Instant ‘plumping’ lipgloss ]
Just add peppermint oil to any of your favourite lipglosses for that plumping tingly effect! Easy as pie
peppermint, lipgloss, instant plump, DIY, tips, beauty

[ 3. Touch up french manicures with… anything! ]
Any smooth, long, bendable surface can be used to touch up a french manicure! I’m talking tape, rubber bands, even paper! Just hold sturdy in place and paint!
french nails, manicure, tips, DIY, beauty, paper, rubber band

[ 4. Banish split-ends between hair cuts! ]
Simply separate hair into sections, twist, and cut any hairs that are sticking out!
split ends, tips, DIY

[ 5. Coloured lips using eyeshadow ]
Coat lips with a sticky lipgloss (thin lizzy lipgloss is crazy sticky) and apply any eyeshadow on top! Get creative! Today I’m a mermaid…
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Graduation dress guide

I have friends going through graduation at the moment, and with my own coming up in August I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my wisdom/opinions on how to dress for graduation! Obviously you can wear whatever you want – after all it is YOUR day to celebrate! Dye your hair blue for all I care, (sarcastic font needed – I am actually planning on doing this) BUT if you are struggling and in need of guidance, here are some tips to get you started!

Get your grad on

1. Don’t experiment with the latest trends, keep it minimal and classic. These pictures will most likely end up on your parents mantelpiece and the subject of email forwarding for the next 20 years, you don’t want to look back and think “how did I think that was cool?” Keep it timeless!

2. While you’re keeping your dress classic, play it up (if you want) by matching your accessories with your regalia. I’m pretty sure (40% sure) that my hood will be dark blue, therefore I might wear something subtle like blue nail polish, or blue shoes (which wont be in photos) but will make add some fun.

3. Pockets will be your best friends. Carrying a bag or purse around all day will be annoying, and look weird wrapped around your regalia. Making sure you chose a dress with pockets with room for the essentials (phone, lipstick)

4. Don’t wear stilettos –  unless you’re an absolute pro. They look cute, but can you handle parading up and down all day in them? Opt for flats, or for wide heeled shoes. These will be MUCH more comfortable.

5. Don’t wear exciting shoulders or sleeves. These A) wont be seen under your regalia and B) will bulk you up to resemble the hulk… cuuuute. If you want to have a fun party dress, chose one where the party is on the hem, not the sleeves.

6. Again with the bulk, stick to slim and soft fits. Poofy dresses will make you look 10x bigger under all that regalia fabric – especially from behind! And there ain’t no hiding while walking across that stage!

Do you have graduation coming up? What are you planning on wearing? Or if yours has been, what did you wear? Any tips and tricks? Let me know below xx

Keep your face on: 5 makeup staying tips

My tips on how to keep your makeup in place aaaall night (or day) long.
Lets start from the top:

1. Brows
To keep stray hairs in place, try spraying some hairspray onto the bristly end of a brow brush and giving them a good comb.


2. Complexion

Although foundation is called ‘foundation’ as in, it goes at the bottom, there is a vital first step: PRIME. Primers really do help your makeup last soo much longer and they prevent build up by leaving your skin soft and smooth to work with. Currently I’m using the Invisible Fill Airbrush primer by Mirenesse cosmetics. Cheaper alternative? Moisturise!! It wont particularly help with your makeups staying power, but it will give an easy and smooth application.
invisible-fill-makeup-airbrush-line-filling-mattifier-spf10-40g (1)
Want to help your colour last all night? First, moisturise your lips with a small amount of lip balm. Too much will cause your lipstick to smudge and come off on every glass/person that you come in contact with. Next, apply your lipstick using a lip brush. This will ensure you don’t apply too much as;
A) it will come off on everything
B) it will help to stain your lips rather than the product sitting on top
C) you wont use up your lipstick as quickly!
Next, apply a lip liner to the outer edges of your lips. This will help define them and act as a barrier between your lipstick and the rest of your face!


4. Smile
The ultimate beauty bag essential! Vaseline.
Not only can it be used for anything and everything, applying a small amount to your front teeth will keep your smile bright and stop lipstick sticking to your teeth. Amazeballs.


5. Eyeliner crease
We’ve all experienced the trauma of the awkward eyeliner crease… This is where your top liner somehow finds its way onto the crease of your upper lid. I didn’t want to fork out for a fancy eye-primer so I went back to basics…
To get rid of any oil on your lid which may cause eyeliner to run, dab a skin coloured eyeshadow or face power across your lid before applying your liner! Lately I’ve been using the Studio Magic BB Pore powder by Mirenesse.


How do you make your makeup last? Let me know! x

How to: Shop online (disappointment free)

Online shopping is my ultimate guilty pleasure! The worldwide selection, the waiting, the checking the letterbox twice a day just incase. It’s like Christmas, only soo much better.

But, unfortunately every now and again you receive an item that didn’t quite meet your expectations, and frankly it sucks. Stick to some of my online shopping tips and every experience will be a good experience!

1. Stick to what you know
Just because it looks hot on the model, doesn’t mean it’ll be right for you.
You’ve been shopping for yourself for the last (insert age here) years, and you know what suits you. If you want to branch out and try something new – great! Just try it on in-store first before opting for the online (usually cheaper) version.

2. Be a bitch
Scrutinise the model, for the sake of fashion. In all honestly, if the model looks fat, you’ll look fatter. Look for unwanted curves, and where the fabric puckers. A good rule of thumb, especially with bodycon styles, block colours will not hide anything. If you want to rock a skin tight dress but don’t want to show-off your food baby, opt for prints.
Note below: The body bumps exposed by the blue dress, and the wide girth of the back and shoulder blades in the grey dress.


3. Check yo self
If ever in doubt measure, measure, measure! Although I must say some online size guides I swear aren’t right… apparently I’m a size 14 from ASOS.com. I usually go one size up from the model for dresses, and looser garments an S or M. For accessories and shoes, ALWAYS measure, especially for necklaces when the length often makes the piece.

Here is an easy visual guide I like to use when buying necklaces:


4. It’s what’s inside that counts
Check the fabric type! Unfortunately online shopping removes the all-important judgement of touch which can completely change your perception of a garment. The only information they tend to give you (if any) is the fabric type and %. 

Typically, cotton will be cooler than polyester and have less stretch than a knit. Any synthetic fibres (polyester, viscose, rayon etc.) will be very smooth to the touch as they have longer individual fibres. Obviously anything containing elastane, nylon or lycra will have a lot of stretch.

5. Watch it walk
The drape of a garment is so important! To assess this online there are a few things you can do, the best being to watch it walk. Most large online stores will have a ‘catwalk video’ that you can watch, if not then analyse the pictures they do have! They will reveal a lot if you know what to look for. Here is an extreme example of difference in fabric drape:

image4xl image4xl (1)