Lara Bingle gets chameleon for Oyster

Lara Bingle is the ultimate Aussie B-A-B-E. ASL? (oh the MSN nostalgia) Lara is an Australian model, TV personality, fashion designer, socialite, etc etc. She is best known for her delicious lips, bright eyes, and her 2006 Australian Tourism ad ‘So where the bloody hell are you?.

In her latest shoot for Oyster ( she shows off some serious diversity in her looks (and some sneaky boob) thanks to photographer Byron Spencer. Honestly, I don’t even recognise her in majority of these shots. Here is a sneaky peak of chameleon and all-round GC Mrs Bingle…

Photography: Byron Spencer
Fashion: Tiana Wallace
Hair: Jenny Kim
Makeup: Victoria Baron  using MAC Cosmetics
Assistant: Rodney Deane



24/7 indie inspiration

The photography series 24/7 Party People is a style of fashion photography that I love; creating a story and bringing characters to life, rather than the focus being solely about a piece of clothing. These images spark something inside me, making me want to party with these kids, share a hotdog with stickers on my face, and  just be all-round be BFFs – despite it currently being first thing on a Monday morning.

The 3-part Series shot by Ryan Kenny, featuring Teresa Oman, Amelia Zadro and Mateja Buila.
A snippit of my personal faves: