Favourite Birthday Gift: Antique Opal

My birthday was earlier this month on the 2nd of January (happy birthday to me!) and I turned the big 22!  I wanted to chose one special item for my ‘favourite things’ post out of all the goodies I received – the obvious choice was my Grandmothers antique Opal on silver ring.


Antique jewellery isn’t something you can just pick up from your local department store, and when it’s a hand-me-down from loved ones it becomes so much more precious. A ring like this just isn’t found anymore! Trust me, I’ve looked. It’s a piece that is timeless and feminine and as much as I love costume jewellery, you really can’t beat a precious stone. Where is the rest of the jewellery from this period kept?? Who has it all looked up in a big wooden cabinet in their basement??
Let them out to play! Or send them my way 😉