#icant: Long Nail Art

I personally think there is a line when it comes to acceptable nail length, and for some reason it has become increasingly popular to cross that line. Frankly, I find it rather hectic.

Thanks to public figures like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the Kardashian Klan, the trend has picked up steam. After watching KUWTK during my hungover Sunday ritual, they seem to seriously struggle to use their own cellphones.
So answer me this, how do you apply makeup? do up your bra? open packages? make meatballs? do the dishes? pick your nose? change the led in your mechanical pencil??

Is substituting 35% of your life (guesstamation) worth having witch nails? What’s worse is nails that come to a point – like some sort of feline. You are a human. You wear makeup and enjoy making italian dishes with your hands. Accept it. xo

nail art, long nails
nail art, long nails


D.I.Y Splatter Nails

Exam time wreaked havoc on my nails! They were being constantly chewed, picked at, and broken – never having time to actually remove my tragically chipped 3-week-old nail polish, one of my friends forced me to remove it and repaint them at the study table as the chips were starting stressing her out! Tops friend. And great procrastination! 

To give my nails (and my mind) a pampering, I decided to try a splatter effect with all this new free time I have! This turned out to be super fun – and super messy! But that was the best part…
Follow my easy steps and give it a try!

DSCN1548 spaltter nails

Step 1: Gather your essentials! I used two straws, cue tips, tape (or post-it notes in my case), nail polish remover, and your choice of nail polish colours! I also made sure I did this on a washable/disposable surface (my old uni folder). I used AVON ‘midnight plum’ for my base colour, and for my splatter colours OPI ‘the “it” color’ and Revlon 017 ‘shear heaven’. Plus a Cutex top coat for the finishing touch!

Step 2: Place the tape around the edges of your nail – this will stop your hands getting so messy! I painted my base colour the night before to make sure it was SUPER dry.

Step 3: Dip one of the straws into your first splatter colour. I let it drip back into the pot once before beginning the splatter to make sure I didn’t get a big gob of polish on my nail.

Step 4: BLOW BABY BLOW. This is the fun part! Blow the crap out of the straw, re-dip, and blow again until you get the amount of splatters you want. Use a clean straw if you want to add a second colour.

Step 5: Remove the tape, and clean up any polish with a cue tip – Top coat time!

Naturally Nude

Nude tones scream class! They’re subtle yet sophisticated. They say, ‘Hey I put in effort today’, without yelling from the rooftops “LOOK AT ME!”. Especially at uni, when I want to feel good and ‘done’, but blatantly rocking lipstick at 9am on a Monday will scare off the nerdy kids – And I love nerdy kids!!

I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect ‘life colour’ as I like to call it. A colour you can chuck on and wear everywhere (including to uni) and I found it!! Supreme Style from Mac’s Supreme Sheen range. Love love love.



[ I love this colour, if you can even call it a colour – it’s so simple and makes my lips feel soft and plump while providing a hint of pink and coral undertones to the nude base ]

Now let’s talk nails! Surprisingly I picked up this $4 (yes FOUR dollar) nail polish from a pharmacy and awkwardly enough it kind of works better than my more expensive brands… what is happening to the world? It glides on so well and hardens in minutes! I haven’t had such an easy nail experience since my boyfriend did my nails while I watched Mad Men! (jealous much?)


[ Plain colours not your thing? Try jazzing it up with a nail art pen! I used another bargain brand in gold and ran the pen along my nail bed.]

Ribbet collage

DIY Nail Art: Geometric Gems

I bought a nail art set off ASOS a while back but gave up on using the pens as they seemed to just damage the bottom layer of polish – either that or I’m just too spastic to wait for the polish to dry. The set also came with a few coloured nail gems which I decided was time to put into use, and get a little ghetto chic! In an attempt to not to look too over-the-top, I only decorated two nails on each hand.

DSCN0553    DSCN0588Step 1: Paint a base coat and allow to completely dry. I left mine overnight
Step 2: Using a piece of tape (or in this case a plastic post-it note) stick to the nail on a diagonal angle
Step 3: Paint in the gap using a colour of your choice. Apply liberally
Step 4: Peel the tape away gently and allow to dry
Step 5: To apply gems or rhinestones to nails, first apply a generous layer of top-coat polish – this will behave like a glue
Step 6: Apply gems carefully with tweezers
Step 7: Apply another layer of top-coat to set in place


Summer Nails

The weather has been so nice here I was inspired to try some Summer themed nail art.
The colour wouldn’t come out quite right on my camera – but this is actually a pale/peachy orange colour.
To give this ‘sunset’ kind of effect I applied a bronze glitter polish at the edge of my cuticle, then cleaned the brush off before sweeping it up the nail giving this effect. I then took a polish with bigger sequins in it and applied this to the cuticle end of the nail. I tend to add detail to only one or two nails – it’s a little more fun that way!

DSCN0485 DSCN0478

[ Left to right: 4ME polish, colour unstated (have no idea where this came from), BYS ‘Million Dollar Baby’, O.P.I ‘Goldeneye’ ]

O.P.I Nail Art Strips Review

I’ve seen these nail art strips for a while now, and being a nail art lover/shaky hand sufferer, I decided I had to give these a go.

I purchased ‘Pure Lacquer nail apps’ by O.P.I for a whopping $24.90NZD!! That’s a whole dollar more than a full bottle of O.P.I nail polish! My second disappointment/confusion with this product was when I realized that the packs included 16 – yes 16 – nail strips.
Last time I counted I had 10 fingers? They come in different sizes but the largest size was too big even for my big toe! A tad unnecessary.

DSCN0388              DSCN0399       The instructions simply say:
1) Start with clean dry nails
2) Remove top clear film; peel strip away from backing
3) Place strip on nail and smooth
4) Crease strip at nail edge and file away

These are VERY misleading instructions I feel. Step 2 really should be two steps! It’s very confusing – you literally have to peel the strip of nail polish off like, ten pieces of plastic (not actually 10 it just feels like it) and just stick it to your nail. Creasing and filing I struggled with too, I ended up just ripping it off at the tip.
After all that I do like the finished result, but I feel like they could be peeled off just as easily as they were put on. I do have a terrible habit of playing with my nails so I doubt these will last very long. There is no drying time though so there’s a benefit! Yay money not totally wasted! Personally, I think I’ll stick with regular nail polish for a while.

DIY Nail Art

I can spend hours looking at different nail art online – I only wish I could do it myself! I’ve bought nail art pens before but I lack the skill required to actually pull off anything apart from miss-matched splotches.
Then I discovered geometric nails using household scotch tape! This doesn’t take much skill to pull off (perfect for me) and there are so many fun variations to try!
nail tape
As I’m a first timer I started with simple half and half and angled designs.
I only have a limited selection of nail polishes with me as its the university holidays here, but I did have two metallic shades: the bottom colour is ‘Meet me on the starferry’ by OPI and top colour is ‘Goldeneye’ by OPI.


  • Make sure the first colour is completely dry before applying the scotch tape
  • TOP TIP: Stick and restick the tape to your arm before applying to the nail – this will ensure most of the adhesive is lost so the first colour isn’t damaged when it’s time to remove the tape
  • Stick the tape to your nail in the pattern of your choice
  • Apply the 2nd colour liberally
  • Remove the scotch tape with care
  • Top coat time!