5 DIY Easy Beauty Hacks

Who doesn’t love a sneaky DIY? I have 5 easy-peasy beauty tips to get the most out of your products and most importantly,  your budget!

[ 1. Get instant 3D lips by adding frosted eyeshadow! ]
Add a soft coating of shiny eyeshadow over the top of lipstick or lipgloss for a fuller look
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[ 2. Instant ‘plumping’ lipgloss ]
Just add peppermint oil to any of your favourite lipglosses for that plumping tingly effect! Easy as pie
peppermint, lipgloss, instant plump, DIY, tips, beauty

[ 3. Touch up french manicures with… anything! ]
Any smooth, long, bendable surface can be used to touch up a french manicure! I’m talking tape, rubber bands, even paper! Just hold sturdy in place and paint!
french nails, manicure, tips, DIY, beauty, paper, rubber band

[ 4. Banish split-ends between hair cuts! ]
Simply separate hair into sections, twist, and cut any hairs that are sticking out!
split ends, tips, DIY

[ 5. Coloured lips using eyeshadow ]
Coat lips with a sticky lipgloss (thin lizzy lipgloss is crazy sticky) and apply any eyeshadow on top! Get creative! Today I’m a mermaid…
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Things I will never understand about fashion…

1. One thing I will never understand is why designers try to make their runway models look as unattractive as possible.. I understand if they are trying to make a statement about a new style of makeup or hair – but keep it for pictorials, in my honest opinion. I have too many times searched for a collection, just to find a parade of asexual man-women. I don’t want to be a man, I really enjoy being a girl, why are you styling these clothes in this way? I am so confused!

Modelling as a teenager, I remember dreading runway shows. Too many times I had my hair slicked back, or worse poofed up like my fork had got stuck in the toaster, using handfuls of  moose, and nothing but one coat of mascara… why?? I stopped wanting my friends and family to come watch me because I knew I would look masculine and, well, unattractive. Bad memories. If I am ever lucky enough to have my own runway show (projecting good vibes!) I would style my models to look like super-hot-beach-babe-Victoria’s secret-style-goddess-amazon-mega-babes! Now THAT would sell clothes.

2. Fashions obsession with fur. YUCK. Are you serious? Why-oh-why do you have a desire to wear a dead animal on your back?? Wool? Great! Faux fur? Awesome! Skins and fur? No way!
But what makes fur a taboo, and leather ok? There are several reasons, the way I see it leather is an animal by-product, taken from animals used in the meat processing industry in which all parts of the animal are used for something. With fur, the animals are often raised and killed solely for the purpose of obtaining fur, while the rest of the animal is often discarded. Leather also has no man-made alternative, whereas there are many fake furs, and insulation material which actually surpasses fur for warmth and handle. ALSO many animals caught for fur are killed in inhumane means, such as traps. Where do you stand on the debate?

3. Why do some people shave off their eyebrows, only to draw them back on? There were TOO many awesome pictures on the internet to explain this, but I don’t have the heart to name and shame. Instead, here are two patrons guilty for setting a bad example… Miss J. Harlow, and P. Anderson. Cheers guys…
Pamela-Anderson-appears-to-have-overdone-her-lipstick-at-a-gallery-opening-for-Terry-Richardson-in-West-Hollywood   Harlow - eyebrlowless - front view

And then there are these… and I don’t have all week! idontunderstand

Bobby Pins: How do you wear yours?

Be prepared – your whole life has been a lie.
Like almost everyone ever, I wear my bobby-pins with the wavy side up, BUT to my utter dismay this is wrong! The ‘correct’ way to wear a bobby pin is flat side up! This gives an easier insertion, and a better grip against your hair… whaaaaat. I guess that way you can add cute embellishments to the flat side? Yusss I always manage to find a bonus to shoddy news, although I still feel a little betrayed.

No matter the truth, I will continue to wear my bobby pins wavy side up!
How about you?
bobby collage

DIY Imperfect Hair Bow

This is such a fun hairdo and ridiculously easy. I like that it doesn’t look to polished, making it a perfect daytime look for a casual lunch or for class.

DSCN0492     DSCN0494DSCN0496   DSCN0498

Step 1: Tie your hair up into a high ponytail, only pulling the last loop half way through.
Step 2: Split the loop in half and pull it apart.
Step 3:
Take the remaining hair from the back and twist
Step 4: Bring the twist down between the separated bow shape, and fold it under one side.
Step 5: Wrap the twist around the base of the bow and secure with bobby-pins.

I must say, this look would be a lot easier with mid length/short hair! My maine can be difficult to tame. Try it yourself x

Colour me softly

I love being brunette, but one thing I do envy about blondes is the ability to colour their hair any or ALL the colours of the rainbow! There are hair chalks available that colour brunette hair, but these work as more of an eyeshadow that sit on top of your hair rather than tinting the hair fibre. I also find these tend to rub off on your clothes.. Many of my blonde besties have recently been rocking ombre green, bright bue and purple! SO jealous.
The best part is many of these dyes are semi permanent so you could (if you really wanted to) change your hair colour to suit different occasions and outfits! I’m personally loving pastel shades at the moment.
If I was blonde I would definitely give some of these looks a try: