Out with the old

Many apologies for my lack of posts recently… apparently Wellington (my mothers house) is still in the dark ages when it comes to internet access. But all is fixed and the world can keep spinning!

Like many girls, I was given a charm bracelet when I was younger and over the years it has become increasingly full! Pretty much all my charms have a story, whether it be birthdays, overseas trips, or academic accomplishments! Unfortunately as my bracelet got bigger, it became more uncomfortable to wear – so I stopped wearing it. 

Then my brilliant brain came up with the idea to turn it into a necklace! This way I can wear it wore often, and the charms are much easier to see! Plus it’s something most people don’t have! Bonus.

I don’t really wear short pendants, so I got the bracelet attached to a longer chain so it sits on my chest. Love love love.

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DIY Studded Headband

I love me some DIY, but I seem to come up with 101 ideas but never actually get around to getting it done! A good friend of mine is crafty craftsman when it comes to leather, (I’m talking wallets, pouches, book covers and even a pair of leather boots)!! Its crazy genius. He ended up leaving Dunedin and let us less skilled plebs rifle through his leather off-cuts! Yay! Rather than writing ‘DIY’ in my diary and hoping it will magically happen, I decided to actually make something! My first creation? A headband – not as fancy as boots, but it totally still counts!! 

headband, DIY, leather, studs, pyramid,

[ I went with a blue leather, and both small and medium sized black pyramid studs ]


[ What you will need: A headband (around 2cm in width), fabric shears, a hot glue gun, leather or thick fabric, studs (I used 3 medium and 4 small pyramid studs ]


[ Measure the leather to fit the size of the headband and cut to fit. NOTE you don’t want the leather to overlap under the band as it will feel uncomfortable! ]


[ Measure and mark where you want your studs to sit! Stab them through the leather and fold down backing. If any look dodgy, add some glue! ]


[ Glue along the top of the band, pressing each stud in place at a time. Fold under and lightly glue along the underside. NOTE for a clean look add felt or ribbon on the underside to hide the raw edges ]

headband, DIY, leather, studs, pyramid

BOOM and you have a new accessory made especially by you! xo

My beloved beau

Hair bows are the perfect accessory for winter! While the clothes become darker and we cover up our cute outfits with tragically oversized coats, a hair bow is an easy-peasy way to add some colour and texture to your outfit – plus there are countless ways to wear them!

Here are some of my go-to hair dos featuring some of my own hair bows – you can’t tell me you’re not at least a little impressed..







ps. how sexual are my models? gotta love ya x

Make your own: Velvet Headband

I’ve been looking for decently priced velvet (or velour) for a while now. One trip into town revealed that most fabric stores sell velvet for around $35-$40 a metre! And being a university student, I just can’t afford that. Feeling down and mildly frustrated, I headed into an op-shop to find some uplifting charity.
Then I found it – a blue velvet bean-bag cover… for $4!! My day was pretty much made. My first creation? A velvet headband!
Follow my easy instructions and make one yourself x


Step 1: Measure the circumference of your head – my cranium turned out to be 58cm! Step 2: Add 10cm onto this measurement – this will give room for seam allowances and for the headband knot.
Step 3: Select your width and add 1″ for seam allowances. I went with 10.5cm

DSCN0931    DSCN0934

Step 4: Pin down seam edges ready to sew. Leave several inches at each end so the extra width will cup the back of your head
Step 5: After sewing down the edges, tie a knot in the middle of the fabric
Step 6: Sew the ends together! 


How easy! x x

Made by them: Street style


[ Pokeball earrings made by colouring in basic clip on earrings. Such a fun idea ]


     [ James made a necklace out of pieces of stone he found at a recent music festival ]


[ Lily is attending Burning Man in Nevada later this year. She carries a bottle of sand from last years festival around her neck! ]

Overnight Beach Waves


beach_waves_2_originalThis is a super fun, and effortless look. It makes me feel flirty and a little 90’s!
Complete these four easy steps the night before and wake up ready to go x

beach_waves_originalWhat you’ll need: Three hair ties, a heat protective spray and a hair-dryer 

Step 1: Separate the top layer of hair and form a plait down the back of your hair.
Step 2: Braid the lower layer of hair into two more plaits – I chose to do regular braids rather than french braids as it allows your hair to fall into the waves, rather than starting right at the scalp.
Step 3: Spray the crap out of them with your heat protective spray! I use GHD Style. This will wet the hair allowing it to take the shape of the braids, while protecting it for step 4…
Step 4: Blow dry the braids until all moisture is absorbed

Wake up and undo the braids and you’re good to go!

Put a string on it

This adorable vintage scissor pendant was sold to me at the Wellington Underground Market – not as a necklace but as a bookmark. What a waste! The scissors were attached to the page marker by some ribbon, and at a mere $3 the decision was obvious. Once I got home I found an old necklace and replaced its pendant with my cute new scissors.
Genius I know…

This has now developed into an obsession to find old chains to put new fun things on. I can’t  seem to find any worth paying for in the shops, and I’m too impatient to by them at wholesale and wait for them to arrive from China. The chain is 33″ in length so it sits perfectly in my center, I might just end up wearing this same chain and alternate pendants – for now.


DIY Nail Art: Geometric Gems

I bought a nail art set off ASOS a while back but gave up on using the pens as they seemed to just damage the bottom layer of polish – either that or I’m just too spastic to wait for the polish to dry. The set also came with a few coloured nail gems which I decided was time to put into use, and get a little ghetto chic! In an attempt to not to look too over-the-top, I only decorated two nails on each hand.

DSCN0553    DSCN0588Step 1: Paint a base coat and allow to completely dry. I left mine overnight
Step 2: Using a piece of tape (or in this case a plastic post-it note) stick to the nail on a diagonal angle
Step 3: Paint in the gap using a colour of your choice. Apply liberally
Step 4: Peel the tape away gently and allow to dry
Step 5: To apply gems or rhinestones to nails, first apply a generous layer of top-coat polish – this will behave like a glue
Step 6: Apply gems carefully with tweezers
Step 7: Apply another layer of top-coat to set in place


From Sack to Sass

This is my wee trick to spice up any plain/sack/shift dress in minutes! It works by gathering the sides of the dress to give it lift and shape. I’ve done this to several of my own dresses, so when my flatmate asked me to do hers I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a tutorial! Minimal skills needed (promise!!)

  DSCN0537         DSCN0555

  [ Before and after ]
This technique gives a curvier look and better fabric drape, as well as a sneaky peak at some upper thigh! 

DSCN0545    DSCN0548

Step 1: Measure how much of a rise you want on each side of the dress, mark just below this point. (The fabric will cover the mark don’t worry!)
Step 2: Hand stitch loose wide stitches up the side of the dress, finishing just above your marked point. I did stitches about 1.5cm in length.
Step 3: Tug on the thread gently to create folds in the fabric and this crimped effect.
Step 4: Pass your needle through the crimps several times to secure, and tie off.


DIY Imperfect Hair Bow

This is such a fun hairdo and ridiculously easy. I like that it doesn’t look to polished, making it a perfect daytime look for a casual lunch or for class.

DSCN0492     DSCN0494DSCN0496   DSCN0498

Step 1: Tie your hair up into a high ponytail, only pulling the last loop half way through.
Step 2: Split the loop in half and pull it apart.
Step 3:
Take the remaining hair from the back and twist
Step 4: Bring the twist down between the separated bow shape, and fold it under one side.
Step 5: Wrap the twist around the base of the bow and secure with bobby-pins.

I must say, this look would be a lot easier with mid length/short hair! My maine can be difficult to tame. Try it yourself x