Life according to Instagram

My first few weeks of fashion school have been a blast! I’ve learnt so much already and I actually look forward to going to class for the first time in EVER. I’ve been trying to get as many snaps as I can to send to friends and family but I’m honestly so bad at catching up with people who don’t live with or around me  –  and Dunedin is very far away from home!

The easier option? Making a post using my instagram and snapchat photos!
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Market Day

I have been crazy busy this past week with assignments, hence why I have missed a few days of posts (my bad). One of the more fun things keeping me busy was preparing for market day!! It was such a fun day and helped me score some spending money to feed my shopping habit – yay!

Here are some snaps from some of my favourite stalls, and fashions of the day xx

DSCN1144 [ My hair bow display! Like what you see? These will become available through my facebook page over the next week ]

market collage

[ Soo many goodies it took all my strength not to spend my earnings!
Great accomplishment ]





[ Outfit snaps!! Apparently I was having an experimental day with the exposure on my camera.. many apologies – but the clothes look good! Some of the pieces at Tannia’s vintage stall (bottom image) were to-die-for! Check out her facebook page here ]

Top instagram/facebook stalk: Kelly Eden

67600_426348704087278_1776149387_n     484802_446613182060830_1100788568_n 602681_435374609851354_684402766_n      262369_179433308778820_6205044_n
Need I say more?
I stumbled across this babe during a burst of facebook stalkage after a Skrillex gig (I take it they’re pals), and for over a year now miss Kelly has maintained the number one spot as my ‘go-to stalk’. A worthy title.

From what I’ve taken from her pages, she’s an artist/model/makeup artist who rocks this kind of fetish/burlesque/anime theme with her banging pink hair, tattoos and latex costumes.

God, I wish I could be 1/10th as badass as she is. And have pink hair…
Her artwork and projects are so fun to follow! The below picture is my current laptop background. Ahh gym motivation if I ever saw it…

Stalk her facebook here or instagram here
I wont tell – promise x

New Year, New Room

My boyfriend is arriving from Auckland today to move into my flat in Dunedin. This means double the stuff, and half the floor space. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to reorganize the room (and my hoards of stuff) and feng shui it up before he gets here.


[ My mannequin Lana now lives by my bedroom door, watched over by miss Monroe ]


[ His and hers books lined up oh-so nicely ]


[ My mannequin obsession continues in my new jewellery display ]


[ Makeup brushes and lipstick holders to keep things tidy! My bow collection on the left, and a delicious beeswax candle from the Dunedin farmers market ]

Favourite Animated Tumblr:

There is nothing quite like a good GIF when trawling the internet.
When I discovered a tumblr completely dedicated to GIFs collaborated with high fashion – lets just say I was a tad excited. And it’s not just me that has fallen in love with the GIFS made by fashgif creator Greta Larkins – Calvin Klein himself has caught onto the internet fad and has collaborated with Larkins to highlight CK’s Spring 2013 collection.

Explore the phenomenon yourself at

I Shot Rock and Roll

Today I spent my last day in Auckland exploring the ‘Who Shot Rock and Roll’ exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery, direct from its US tour. This was especially interesting as I am currently reading Keith Richards autobiography ‘Life’ and the exhibition allowed me to put faces to the many names Keith encounters along his journey.

Among the many artists and photographers featured, one in particular caught my attention, leading me to do some of my own research. Hipgnosis was a young english art design group established well before completing art school. They specialized in creating album art for the covers for some of rock and rolls most recognizable names including Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and The Who.

10cc_deceptive       HIPGNOSIS+-+ufo+-+force+itscorpions_love-drive78       SSbig

I find some of these covers stunningly beautiful, out of the ordinary, and somewhat haunting. Most of these were done only through photography using dark room tricks and cut and paste techniques – remember, these were the days before photoshop!
Check out more images from Hipgnosis here

Downstairs in the free exhibition cameras were permitted – thank god. This piece was very cool and fits with the rock and roll theme! I didn’t realize it looked like a cassette tape until I looked at the image afterwards! The first picture is a close up of the centre, completely made from metals including aluminum and copper:

Macbook Makeover

The best part about university is personalizing my stationary! It’s no wonder having an identical laptop to over half the student body was starting to stress me out.

I have a bright pink keyboard cover which I love love love. Not only does it look super cute, but it prevents crumbs from getting in your keyboard (especially important for me as I am notoriously grubby). I’ve had a few awkward moments in the university library when I get out all my pink stationary, pink laptop case, pink glasses case etc and the person (usually male) besides me gives me a ‘seriously?’ kind of look. But what can I do?


I ordered one of those fun Macbook stickers online from but it never arrived in the post. This disappointment was remedied  when I was given a set of Geotype stickers after they were found in the back of a cupboard during a burst of summer cleaning. So so old school but so much fun. The letters rub off on anything using a led pencil – glass, paper, plastic, metal, wood, it’s like magic! You can see below the pencil marks on the letters I have already used. I can’t wait to use these on my books/room/life when I return to study!

Favourite Tumblr: Kalifornia-Klasss

Fabulous, fun, and highly addictive, Kalifornia-Klass is my go-to tumblr hosted by Kardashian darling, Kylie Jenner.

kardashian khaos 161211             Kalifornia klasss

The Kardashian klan generally get under my skin, but I do admit the only thing that will cure my hangovers is a green tea and a ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’s’ marathon.

Exploring this tumbler you will find loads of high fashion, models (mostly Miranda Kurr ((obviously)), celebrity style, lots of Miley Cyrus, emo-esque quotes, tones of Lana Del Ray, half naked men and of course – Kylie and her sisters. Typical stuff for 15 year old hollywood sweetheart, but addictive none the less.
I can see this girl going far in the fashion world – definitely one to keep an eye on!

Check it out for yourself at