Style Stalker: Kenya Kreates

It’s high season at fashion tech, with the 1st and 2nd years having their final presentations last week, and us certificate kids starting our final project next week – it’s all go from here. I’m simply busting to see the exhibition and fashion show in November!! And to figure out what the hell I’m actually going to make for my final project!! eeek.

One of the 1st year girls, Kenya asked me to model her pieces for her look book – and holey moley they were rad.
She created a double layer polyester-chiffon draped dress with hot pink trimming!! The double layer could detach using the exposed zip wrapped around the middle. She also made tailored leggings and this pretty sexual leotard/bodice creation with suspender clasps to wear under the dress. Daayymm. PLUS an amazing lined jacket to wear over the top! … and did I mention she is 1st year?? The amount of talent at the Otago tech is kinda out of control. And more than mildly intimidating. 

Click through to get a closer look at the creations of Kenya Quin xo


The September Selfie Challenge

It’s September Selfie Challenge time!! – “sorry, what?” I hear you say…

Let me explain, as a blogger, it’s strange for me to admit it but outfit posts drive me a little crazy… I like an outfit post as much as the next internet crazed, fash-a-holic but I feel the authenticity of an ‘outfit’ post online seems to have gotten a little lost in translation – cough, free clothes  –

What I really want to see are REAL outfits that REAL girls wear on a daily basis! The good AND the bad. Nomsayn?

Then it came to me! After a post I recently did on 7 days of fashion drawing, I decided to challenge myself – and document my outfits for the entire month of September! A whole month of legitimate day-to-day looks.

As today is September 2nd I have only done two so far – (my dressing gown is practically my uniform on Sundays…)


If you want to join me (and have a great excuse for some shameless selfies) simply tag #septemberselfie on instagram or twitter with your OOTD and a little description! You don’t have to do the entire month, but occasionally seeing what you guys like to wear would be amazeballs!

I’ll be posting my images to my instagram for the rest of the month! Get amongst xo

Work-Style Stalker: 2 Tops, 6 Looks

I’m a working girl (kinda). I have class 4 days a week, and work all day in retail on Saturdays! I love my job, but one of the requirements is to wear clothes stocked in store…

Being a student I just can’t afford to spend the little money I make on clothes from my place of work. Luckily, only working Saturdays means I can cheekily get away with wearing the same pieces over and over! The only problem is I think I would rather die than consider wearing the exact same outfit every week – yes I am that lame. My store stocks both Cue and Veronika Maine, so I decided to buy one staple item from each brand and rehash them as best I could! 

I documented my attempt to revamp my two work tops over the last 6 weeks:
2tops, cue, veronika maine, work outfits
[ The tops: Veronika Maine black cut-out blouse, Cue maroon cropped cardigan ]

6 looks2The looks: I tried combining the tops with different pieces from my wardrobe, playing with hair and makeup, and finally combining the two tops together! I couldn’t go too crazy as I had to be work appropriate, and being Dunedin some form of leg coverage is a must unless you want to freeze your tits off! ]

Do you have to do the same for your job? Have any tips for minimum spediture but maximum outfit potential? Let me know below.

Style Stalker: 60s/70s costume party

I must start off by saying this is a bit of a fail photo-wise. Last week was re-orientation week here in Dunedin, and being the scarfie I am, I ended drinking and/or being hungover majority of that week. Several of the weeks festivities involved costume! And as great as this was, it became frustrating when I planned to do an awesome costume post – but after simultaneous drinking and getting ready, I just simply was not in the mood to take outfit photos. The result? Trawling through party photos and creating a dysfunctional collage! Yay for Kiwi ingenuity! …..

So anyway, my flat threw a 60s/70s party on the Thursday night and I was torn between going for the 60’s mod look, and the 70’s hippie look. My conclusion: to do a clash of them both! I decided I was from 1969. It counts.

The inspiration: 

I was drawn to the makeup of the 60s! And I refused to change this after I failed to find a suitable mod shift dress. I also kept my white socks, while opting for a Donna inspired hippie get-up including a tussled vest, shear dress, pendant and headband. Groovy baby.

The result:

Does it stress anyone else out that a mystical ghost is lifting up the back of my vest?? I feel a little violated.
The night was a success and much fun was had! So many great costumes! Groooovy.


[ My flat ❤ love these ladies ]


Style Stalker: A clash of cloth


[ What I love about this outfit is the clash of leather, studs, and skulls, against this adorable snuggly grey grandma-cardigan. Items are an assortment of my own and my flatties ❤
Hand-me-down leather boots (thanks Sonj), vintage leather purse iPONEY london, faux leather and stud skirt Dotti, skull necklace Lovisa, white t-shirt SUPRE, grandma cardigan from op-shop, assortment of silver rings ]

Off to the Races

A little bit of rain didn’t stop us from getting dolled up and spending our Sunday enjoying the races! My outfit subconsciously embraced Lana Del Ray (ultimate girl crush) and my betting was influenced partially by alcohol, and partially by the horses names – my favourites were Gossip Girl, and Elle Bee Dee (LBD??). I ended up breaking even and making some great memories! Check out our get-ups and headpieces from the day! xx

headpeice[ I made my own headpiece from a headband and $2 shop faux flowers literally minutes before leaving
– skills much?? ]