A Muse and a Moment

There is something beautifully simplistic about a white wall, a model, and a photographer who can capture a moment. While exotic locations and extravagant props can take a photo to the next level, sometimes you just can’t beat the simple things in life. Like when your favourite wine is on special.

Throw your hands up in the air!



The man behind the curtain: Terry Richardson

Most of you will recognise Terry Richardson’s name from the closing credits of Miley Cyrus’s new soft porn music video ‘Wrecking Ball’ – but who is this mysterious man, and why is he shooting Miley in the buff? Mr Richardson is best known for his scandalous and erotic photography, as well as scandalous and erotic rumours surrounding him taking advantage of underage models… Whether you believe the rumours or not, there is no denying he does create some pretty rad images. 

You have most definitely seen his work before! His trademarks are a plain white backdrop, with celebrities wearing his famous black rimmed glasses doing a big thumbs up and/or taking their clothes off. He regularly shoots for GQ Magazine, and shot Tom Fords fantastically outrageously provocative  ad campaign in 2008. 

Recognise any of these?


Illustration inspiration

Last week I posted my first attempt at fashion drawing: 7 days of fashion drawing. Since then, I have been crazy obsessed with researching (googling) all the amazing styles of professional fashion illustration! I find it so strange and beautiful the way the female form can be interpreted in fashion. My new MUST HAVE is a canvas of a Robert Best Barbie illustration! Cannot get enough.

[ Click to enlarge and scroll through the images!
The last one is particularly cool!! ] xo

Keep Calm and Carrie On

The Carrie Diaries is one of my guilty pleasures… aaand it is 90% due to the fashion porn, and 10% due to my girl-crush on AnnaSophia Robb and her redonkulously curly eyelashes. The outfit combinations are so outrageous and so so good! What I would give to be in my 20’s in the 80’s, well at least The CW’s version of the 80’s.
Today is verrry cold and rainy outside, so I spent my day doing absolutely noh-thing (no more exams!!!) apart from making this super cute carrie-inspired look. When I think Carrie, I think clip-on earrings, layered costume jewellery, glitter and all things shiny, pink (obviously), and her lucky ‘carrie purse’. All that’s missing is Carrie’s killer perm! I can totes see her in this:

What would you dress Carrie in if you could? God, to be AnnaSophia’s stylist…. 

A Case of the Blues

Exam time has put me in the state of the blues – literally. In celebration of my final Textiles exam EVER I decided to dye my hair BLUE! Don’t panic, it wasn’t all of it! Although I am rather tempted to do the rest at some point…
So yes, I dip-dyed my hair blue. A semi-permanent blue, but blue all the same.blue
First, I bleached the tips of my hair so the blue would show up better and brighter. I got my friend to help me do this because I probably would have messed it up. My hair does NOT like to be bleached, it took two applications to get it to turn a pale shade of orange. I used Nordic Blonde L1 by Schwarzkopf, applying it only to the bottom two inches of my hair! Once lightened, I applied the blue! I used La fiche semi-permanent hair colour in Midnight Blue

This stuff comes in a tub, so you literally have to paint it into your hair with an old power or paint brush.

What I’m mildly (really) excited about is the concept of being able to change the colour of my tips every few weeks! The blue should wash out soon – it’s looking lighter already, then I can change between blonde/orange tips, blue tips, and purple!! (yes I also have purple, decisions aren’t my strong point…)
If only my phone had a front facing camera (rocking the old-school 3GS), I would totally instagram the crap out of this.


WINTER Wish List

It’s WIIINNNTEERRRR. Officially. Although I hate the weather, I l-l-love Winter fashion.
I’ve recently purchased my Winter coat, and life has suddenly become 10x easier. I am yet to get an umbrella – so I have resorted to studying in my room today rather than venturing outside to the library – a mere 2min walk from my flat, BUT 2mins in the rain is still not worth it.
I’m drawn to muggy femme tones (I just came up with that! why I’m not studying linguistics I’ll never know..) like dirty purples, dark greys and pale brown. What I’m wearing really does effect my mood, and wearing black in the cold makes me want to write emotional poetry and sleep, when I should be writing fun blog posts and studying for exams. No black for me! Apart from some sexy leather pants… but common, looook at them.winter wish list updated

Leather pants
$240 – oneteaspoon.com.au

Beanie hat
$7.60 – newlook.com

Jane norman
$7.62 – janenorman.co.uk

Giorgio Armani purple eye makeup
$68 – johnlewis.com

Katy perry fragrance

Butter london

24/7 indie inspiration

The photography series 24/7 Party People is a style of fashion photography that I love; creating a story and bringing characters to life, rather than the focus being solely about a piece of clothing. These images spark something inside me, making me want to party with these kids, share a hotdog with stickers on my face, and  just be all-round be BFFs – despite it currently being first thing on a Monday morning.

The 3-part Series shot by Ryan Kenny, featuring Teresa Oman, Amelia Zadro and Mateja Buila.
A snippit of my personal faves:



Shades of Winter

As the weather gets colder here in Dunedin I seem to be gravitating towards a different colour palette, specifically deep blues and shades of grey/silver. I’m such a pink girl at heart, but I feel like I need a break from the candy floss overload and embrace my dark side!

Here are my winter mood boards! Let the inspiration consume you…

Deep Blue

Shades of Grey

What colours will you be rocking this Winter? x

Flashback Friday: 90s fashion

Why so many draw strings?? Shiny fabric? No bras? matching everything??
Ugghh this post was honestly hard to make, I don’t understand how these looks were ever acceptable, let alone fashionable. The Red Carpet looks are that much worse, but they’re on the red carpet. Revel in the nostalgia x

90s Supermodels






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