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Glassons is every Kiwi girls go-to store. Words that come to mind when one thinks of Glassons include cheap, fast-fashion, mass produced, and totally accessible. One of the main issues being that as soon as a new great design comes out, everyone seems to own it. But as of this month Glassons has stepped up their game, big time!

Glassons headhunted Top Shop designer and Massey University graduate Kiriana Pettersen to design Glassons new range, EDT/edt./edit (I’m confused). What’s different about this line? The garments are constructed out of luxury fabircs such as 100% silk, cotton embroidered organza, and satin-backed crepe – but all range below $100! Excuse me?

Kiriana believes that every woman should be able to afford quality items of clothing – what’s more, some designs only have up to 70 pieces made to bring more exclusivity to the range! GC.

The only downside to the the edt. range is it’s only available online and at the Lambton Quay flagship store. And with some of the items apparently being ridiculously small in size, you would want to try that shiz on first!

Shop the range online by clicking here xo


Lara Bingle gets chameleon for Oyster

Lara Bingle is the ultimate Aussie B-A-B-E. ASL? (oh the MSN nostalgia) Lara is an Australian model, TV personality, fashion designer, socialite, etc etc. She is best known for her delicious lips, bright eyes, and her 2006 Australian Tourism ad ‘So where the bloody hell are you?.

In her latest shoot for Oyster (oystermag.com) she shows off some serious diversity in her looks (and some sneaky boob) thanks to photographer Byron Spencer. Honestly, I don’t even recognise her in majority of these shots. Here is a sneaky peak of chameleon and all-round GC Mrs Bingle…

Photography: Byron Spencer
Fashion: Tiana Wallace
Hair: Jenny Kim
Makeup: Victoria Baron  using MAC Cosmetics
Assistant: Rodney Deane


Today in Microfashion…

A lesson on style from the younger generations.

Children dressed like adults has got to be one of my favourite things, and possibly one of the cutest things of all time. Is it mildly embarrassing that these kids dress better than most of the adult population?

They’re so small yet they look so big!
It just blows my mind. Is it terrible of me that I want to have children just so I can dress them up…

I wish I looked this cool as a child.. to be honest I wish I looked this cool now!
Damn the 90’s.

Photo credits thanks to Humans of New York and Tumblr


Spring Trending: Get your print on

Spring is literally just around the corner! Literally, as in two days away! w-t-f.

The short but sweet glimpses of sunshine here in Dunedin are few and far between, and I’m craving summer more than a fat kid craves cake. And while spring in Dunedin does produce flowers and baby lambs, it does not produce any significant rise in temperature. To my utter disgust.

So, while our overseas fashionista’s speak of prints and florals adorning our wardrobes this season, I plan to rock mine in blissful ignorance to the fact that there is no sunshine, meadows or butterflies in studentville to accent my colourful ensemble. Because I can.

Here is a little inspiration to get you ready for the mildly warm weather from the Spring 13 collections!!  Get amongst it.
click to enlarge and get designer info ] xo


Spotlight on: The Bread and Butter Letter

While strolling down K-Road during the Easter break, I stumbled across the most adorable boutique, The Bread and Butter Letter. I was drawn in by the vintage yet fresh decor, and dragged my then-boyfriend in for a nosey. Although I swore I only wanted to ‘look’ I ended up leaving with a white ruffle blouse… woops!
Aside from adorable vintage, they also stock handmade jewellery, tea, as well arts and crafts!! Loves it.


[ The Bread and Butter Letter is a carefully curated boutique that sells charming vintage, craft and tea. Their suppliers are the best artists and designers on the NZ craft scene, selling quirky and unique jewelry, accessories, stationary, gifts, cards and homeware. And all 100% locally made and independently owned! ]

How can you say no to that? I love boutiques like this, as having pieces that no one else has are extra super duper special! I have so many items on my wish list! Definitely a place to check out if you’re ever in Auckland!!

breadandbutterletterOut of town? Have no fear, many (but not all) of their items can be found through their website or facebook – yay for technology!

For Facebook click here
For their website click here


Trending: The Evil Eye

I swear every time I try to buy something new I end up seeing it every where! Now the evil eye is no original feat – I’m pretty sure ebay is the last stop for the trickle-down effect. BUT, ever since I received it in the post I have been seeing them ev-er-y-where this season!! I found a lot of different information on the interwebs about the origin of the evil eye, but the more common claims include:

The eye stems back as far as the 6th century BC, most commonly found in the Middle-East and Mediterranean (Greece and Turkey), where it was used as a good-luck, or protection charm. The eye has become used for commercial purposes in modern Greece, while it is still a widespread belief in Turkey. Alternatively, it was said to cause injury or harm to those that the eye is directed at! Another source tells me that those with blue eyes were more prone to cast an evil eye on someone – hence the common blue colour choice!

Thanks Google!! 
Learning everyday!

My eye is brown to match my own, so I don’t think it means anything particularly evil… I like to think he keeps watch for me whenever I’m distracted.
evil eye

[ Now you’re officially educated on the subject, shop for your own evil eye! I’ll start you off with some of my faves… ]

evil, eye, jewellery, shop, online, evil eye

House of Harlow 1960 pave jewelry

Gathering Eye evil eye ring
$14 – generalpants.com.au

Silver jewellery

Cuff bangle

Bracelet bangle

7 days of Fashion Drawing

I just finished my 2nd week of Fashion Studies at the Otago Polytechnic! Totally loving it!

I’ve put off doing practical study since high school… I never took fabrics class because I was terrified that I would suck at sewing and my dream would be over! Instead I took academic textile studies at University and put off anything that required me to actually MAKE anything. Now that my degree has finished I figured what the hell – I’m going to do it. I enrolled at the polytechnic down the road, and I’m actually loving it! And I don’t tooootally suck at it! Yay! 

Each day of the week is dedicated to a different discipline, and Thursdays is fashion drawing!! Probably my favourite class so far, closely followed by production. Now, I have literally never drawn anything since I was about 9, and weirdly enough I used to draw pages and pages of girls with different clothes on. It was meant to be! Awkwardly enough, my first attempt at drawing hadn’t changed too much since then…

Our homework was to draw ourselves everyday of the week leading up to our next class! I decided to take a photo of myself everyday so I could compare my drawing skills. Although I must note that fashion drawing is supposed to be a little distorted and exaggerated… I’m still working on that. I made a conscious effort to wear as simplistic and pattern-free clothing as possible to make it easier for me :p
Lets see how I went…

ThursdayThursday: My first attempt! The skirt looks a little drunk and I refused to try and draw hands so I hid them behind her back. Feet were also a tad stressful!

FridayFriday: Why did I wear a scarf?? I regretted this as soon as I started drawing! Attempted a hand, but avoided feet!

saturdaySaturday: Saturdays I have work so I wore my maroon jumper from Cue (I work at Cue). My best attempt at drawing skirt movement!  Didn’t realise how much I wear my black skirt until this assignment… awkward. I also figured out a sort of claw-like technique for hands that I stuck with for the rest of the week.
Slowly getting better!

SundaySunday: Enough said.

MondayMonday: Got the claw hands down! Snip snip. I wore my favourite velvet hair-bow and new shoes!
Proportions getting better!

TuesdayTuesday: Tuesday is sewing class so it’s ponytail day! I tried to make add more wrinkles in my clothes my tucking in to practise movement…
Maybe next week.

WednesdayWednesday: My first day wearing pants! Yay! Legs and neck could be a little longer on the drawing, but overall a moderate improvement from the first one me-thinks! 

I didn’t realise until uploading this, but my fringe is on the opposite side than I thought it was. Weird.
Have a good weekend!! xo

Spotlight on: NOM*D

My second official ‘Spotlight’ post!! Wooo and this time it is featuring New Zealand designer NOM*D and a cheeky peek at their upcoming 2013/14 Summer collection ‘Fans’.

‘Fans’ features a clash of print textiles and texture to create cutting edge kiwi design! You can definitely feel the designers Dunedin roots coming through in this collection. 

[ Dark and wittily sombre, NOM*D has created an iconic image on the New Zealand fashion landscape. The label’s designs, which reference traditional tailoring and use reworked vintage garments, are anchored by a utilitarian approach and the concept that clothes must, above all else, be wearable. ]

NOM*D has been making a name for itself in New Zealand and abroad since 1986!! This was news to me, with NOM*D showcasing in London Fashion Week in 1999! Wa-what? I love the stamp NZ design is taking on the world stage!

Take a scroll through my favourite pieces from ‘Fans’ and see what all the buzz is about:

Keep an eye out for the upcoming collection hitting their website in August! www.nomd.co.nz xo

Loving Eugenie

I just stumbled across this look book on femmehysterique.com! Love love love this range by Eugenie ❤

I first saw/heard about the  label ‘Eugenie‘ when I was on the blog, Love Aesthetics.  Ivania (the writer behind the blog) was wearing this absolutely, positively amazing speckled jacket by Eugenie and when I read the brand came from New Zealand, I was very excited…and astounded that I hadn’t heard of it before. The designer behind the label, Liz Wilson previously worked as a design assistant for Karen Walker, however in September 2012 she went out on her own to start Eugenie; a label described as having an asthetic focussed on refined cuts and sculptural silhouettes, paired with a fresh approach to textile print. This label will go far, I have no doubt….to keep up-to-date with when new collections are released you can join the mailing list here.
















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Branded or Budget? The loose spring pant

This years resort collections were raging the loose pant look! The bigger the better is the motto here! And what perfect timing, when your still working on extinguishing the Winter weight but are busting to get amongst some Spring fever! The looks are to-die-for … but the price tag would literally kill me. Instead, I have some sneaky alternatives for us budget conscious (i.e. broke as s***) individuals.

designer loose pant spring trouser

[ Chloe, Alexander Wang, Theyskens’ Theory ]


[ Amazon $40NZD, Zehui $19NZD, yoox.com $79NZD ]

Who doesn’t love a bargain? I sometimes wish Dunedin was a little more accepting of high-fashion styles, as I think I would have to save this puppy for summer vay-kay. But then again, I do love being able to wear my onesie to the supermarket and it be totally acceptable. xo