#icant: Long Nail Art

I personally think there is a line when it comes to acceptable nail length, and for some reason it has become increasingly popular to cross that line. Frankly, I find it rather hectic.

Thanks to public figures like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the Kardashian Klan, the trend has picked up steam. After watching KUWTK during my hungover Sunday ritual, they seem to seriously struggle to use their own cellphones.
So answer me this, how do you apply makeup? do up your bra? open packages? make meatballs? do the dishes? pick your nose? change the led in your mechanical pencil??

Is substituting 35% of your life (guesstamation) worth having witch nails? What’s worse is nails that come to a point – like some sort of feline. You are a human. You wear makeup and enjoy making italian dishes with your hands. Accept it. xo

nail art, long nails
nail art, long nails


5 DIY Easy Beauty Hacks

Who doesn’t love a sneaky DIY? I have 5 easy-peasy beauty tips to get the most out of your products and most importantly,  your budget!

[ 1. Get instant 3D lips by adding frosted eyeshadow! ]
Add a soft coating of shiny eyeshadow over the top of lipstick or lipgloss for a fuller look
eyeshadow, lips, lipstick, tips, DIY, full lips, 3D, beauty

[ 2. Instant ‘plumping’ lipgloss ]
Just add peppermint oil to any of your favourite lipglosses for that plumping tingly effect! Easy as pie
peppermint, lipgloss, instant plump, DIY, tips, beauty

[ 3. Touch up french manicures with… anything! ]
Any smooth, long, bendable surface can be used to touch up a french manicure! I’m talking tape, rubber bands, even paper! Just hold sturdy in place and paint!
french nails, manicure, tips, DIY, beauty, paper, rubber band

[ 4. Banish split-ends between hair cuts! ]
Simply separate hair into sections, twist, and cut any hairs that are sticking out!
split ends, tips, DIY

[ 5. Coloured lips using eyeshadow ]
Coat lips with a sticky lipgloss (thin lizzy lipgloss is crazy sticky) and apply any eyeshadow on top! Get creative! Today I’m a mermaid…
bluelips, eyeshadow, coloured lips, thin lizzy, lip gloss


A Sticker for your Kisser

At the start of semester I purchased a gold lip sticker to wear to a Shapeshifter gig during re-orientation week! I had tried nail stickers before (see here), and one of my besties suggested I try lip stickers! At crazy-cheap eBay prices ($1.70NZD) I couldn’t say no. But unfortunately like most things in my life, it got thrown into my makeup draw never to be seen again. UNTIL NOW. I decided to finally try these bad boys and I must admit it was a little weird…

The packaging reads:
[ Shape your lips with your mouth wide open to the “AHH” shape. Next measure your lip length and cut on the dotted vertical lines. Then measure the depth of your lip staying outside your water line and cut on the horizontal line. ]

That easy huh?? It was all lies. 
lipsticker, lip tattoo, review, how to
The result? A mixed review… First of all, the lip shape did nowhere near fit the shape of my mouth, even with the option of cutting the edges. The cutting part was also mildly stressful as cutting off too much meant no return. The actual colour was more of a brownish leopard print than a gold which was disappointing. Also the definition between the sticker and your ‘water line’ was very exact so a sneaky peek of pink can always be seen (on my lips anyway). To apply it was literally like a temporary tattoo… you hold it on your lips and apply water. Weird. This had good point and bad points…

lip sticker, lip tattoo, how toThe good: It will stay on! I had to scrub like crazy to actually get this stuff off! If it was intended for a long night out it would definitely make the distance. They’re also super comfortable as they move with your lips. I forgot I was wearing them!

The bad: The photos above were taken after about 2 hours of wear. As you can see, the sides of the mouth where the most moisture sits started to wear down and distort the sticker. Not cute. The sticker was also hard to match to my lips.

These would be fun for a dress up party, and if I ever go anywhere dressed as a leopard they will be at the top of my list! Until then, I think I’ll stick with good old-fashioned lipstick!


BB, CC or BS?

Remember the good ol’ days when all you had to do was cleanse, tone and moisturise? It’s time to kiss those days goodbye! The latest craze in over-the-counter beauty products has got to be the BB cream. BB stands for Blemish Balm, and is said to be an all-in-one that hydrates and protects your skin from the sun, while evening out skin tone with a light toned tint. This is great when you don’t want to wear a ton of makeup!

CC creams are like a BB cream but better! Like a BB+, standing for Colour Correctors. They do the same as the BB cream, except they claim to effectively even out skin tone by decreasing redness! Watch out, there is a soon-to-be DD and even rumoured EE creams coming out on the market… no joke.

But with a light tint and high SPF factor, are these creams that different to tinted moisturisers? Well… kind of.
BB creams first became huge in south-east Asia where its purpose was to protect freshly peeled skin from the sun – an area of the world where porcelain skin is desirable. The high-sun protection factor and anti-blemish helped to keep skin light, fresh and pigmentation free, especially after peeling treatments. While tinted moisturisers have a moderate SPF and a tint, they do not even out skin tone!

I like to use mine like a primer, as it smooths and evens out my skin before applying foundation! Want to get amongst? Give one of these a try:
BB cream, CC cream, beauty products, blemish, correction

Clockwise from top: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 BB Cream, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream SPF 30, Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream 50ml, Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30, L’Oreal Magique CC Cream, Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream

Mix ‘n Match: 4 lipstick colours you didn’t know you had

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo on my instaglam of a lipstick colour I had created by mixing two of my favourite lipsticks! I don’t know if this is an existing thing or not – but I felt like the person who created sliced bread! No longer do I look at my makeup collection and say to myself ‘hmm which of these 9 lipstick colours should I wear tonight?’ I say ‘WOH which of these 72 lipstick colours should I wear??’ (9×8 options?) although some of them do look terrible together so it’s probably more like 50, or 20 – but still, it’s more than 9! Also I may need to clarify for any boys that may happen to read this – by colours I mean shades, because yes, they are all pink xo

Here are my FOUR fave combos! (I actually discovered another goodie but you’ll have to wait for that one)
I like to apply each colour to a different lip – this isn’t just for a funky photo, but it stops you mixing the colours on your actual lipstick!

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty
[ Mirenesse Stiletto + Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent = ]

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty[ Barbie Pink! ]
This is such a cool colour – the orange tone brings out the pink to make it that much brighter

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty[ Revlon in Soft Nude + Lime Crime in Countessa Fluorescent = ]

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty[ Baby Pink! ]
I love my Countessa Fluorescent, but it can be overwhelming! Mix it with a little nude and your away laughing!

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty[ Mac in Morange + Mac in Russian Red = ]

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty

[ Tangerine! ]
Can’t decide between red and orange? Try both!
It makes it that much more vibrant and that much more fun!!

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty[ Mac in Lady Gaga + Revlon in Berry Smoothie = ]

lipstick, colour, mix, beauty[ Baby Gaga! ]
I tend to find that Gaga is a little toooo pale for me and tends to wash me out.
Mixing it with Berry Smoothie gives it that little extra colour that I need!

Try mixing some of your own lipstick shades before rushing off to spend your hard earned pennies!

D.I.Y Splatter Nails

Exam time wreaked havoc on my nails! They were being constantly chewed, picked at, and broken – never having time to actually remove my tragically chipped 3-week-old nail polish, one of my friends forced me to remove it and repaint them at the study table as the chips were starting stressing her out! Tops friend. And great procrastination! 

To give my nails (and my mind) a pampering, I decided to try a splatter effect with all this new free time I have! This turned out to be super fun – and super messy! But that was the best part…
Follow my easy steps and give it a try!

DSCN1548 spaltter nails

Step 1: Gather your essentials! I used two straws, cue tips, tape (or post-it notes in my case), nail polish remover, and your choice of nail polish colours! I also made sure I did this on a washable/disposable surface (my old uni folder). I used AVON ‘midnight plum’ for my base colour, and for my splatter colours OPI ‘the “it” color’ and Revlon 017 ‘shear heaven’. Plus a Cutex top coat for the finishing touch!

Step 2: Place the tape around the edges of your nail – this will stop your hands getting so messy! I painted my base colour the night before to make sure it was SUPER dry.

Step 3: Dip one of the straws into your first splatter colour. I let it drip back into the pot once before beginning the splatter to make sure I didn’t get a big gob of polish on my nail.

Step 4: BLOW BABY BLOW. This is the fun part! Blow the crap out of the straw, re-dip, and blow again until you get the amount of splatters you want. Use a clean straw if you want to add a second colour.

Step 5: Remove the tape, and clean up any polish with a cue tip – Top coat time!

A Cinderella Story

It’s school ball season here in NZ – apparently, so I took a small break from my exam study to help makeover my friends-boyfriends-sister and her best friend for their school formal! Oooh the nostalgia. I was almost more excited than they were!! And what a perfect excuse for a makeover post. Neither of them wear much makeup on a daily basis, so they asked for a little extra help getting dolled up…

DSCN1519[ Curls were kept long and soft on both girls, keeping them looking fresh and not over-done. No pageant ringlets here! Lots of hairspray and protectant spray kept the curls in place ]

[ Makeup was kept light, using light browns and greys to contour eyes, pale peaches and pinks for the lips, liquid liner along the top lids to add definition, topped of with false lashes. Georgia (left) wore several single lashes at the edges of each eye, while Lydia (right) opted for a set of angled lashes. ]

beforeafter[ Our beauty work station – before and after! ]

DSCN1525 [ Georgia – After xox ]
A flower added to her curls blended with her dress perfectly ❤

DSCN1528 2[ Lydia After xox ]
Lydia kept her jewellery modest, matching it with her black dress. What a minx! ]


Match your mood with Mirenesse Lip Bomb

I love how doing something as small as wearing a new lip colour can instantly give you a confidence boost! I don’t know about you, but wearing a bold lip colour can really influence my mood! A deep purple will bring out my dark side! A bold red can make me feel flirty and sultry, while a bright pink feels sweet and playful.

glossykissWhat colour do you feel best wearing? Make up your own mind with Mirenesse Cosmetics Lip Bomb range – a deliciously vibrant glossy lacquer that really does stay in place!
I love Lip Bomb 1 and 7

What’s even better is it contains botanical oils and vitamin E – making lips feel oh-so plump. Plus it smells like PEPPERMINT!! It’s so good I could eat it…
This put me in a rather generous mood, SO I’m giving all slightly oddley followers something to smile about…


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Who knew slightly oddley could be so rewarding?? xx

Naturally Nude

Nude tones scream class! They’re subtle yet sophisticated. They say, ‘Hey I put in effort today’, without yelling from the rooftops “LOOK AT ME!”. Especially at uni, when I want to feel good and ‘done’, but blatantly rocking lipstick at 9am on a Monday will scare off the nerdy kids – And I love nerdy kids!!

I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect ‘life colour’ as I like to call it. A colour you can chuck on and wear everywhere (including to uni) and I found it!! Supreme Style from Mac’s Supreme Sheen range. Love love love.



[ I love this colour, if you can even call it a colour – it’s so simple and makes my lips feel soft and plump while providing a hint of pink and coral undertones to the nude base ]

Now let’s talk nails! Surprisingly I picked up this $4 (yes FOUR dollar) nail polish from a pharmacy and awkwardly enough it kind of works better than my more expensive brands… what is happening to the world? It glides on so well and hardens in minutes! I haven’t had such an easy nail experience since my boyfriend did my nails while I watched Mad Men! (jealous much?)


[ Plain colours not your thing? Try jazzing it up with a nail art pen! I used another bargain brand in gold and ran the pen along my nail bed.]

Ribbet collage

Bobby Pins: How do you wear yours?

Be prepared – your whole life has been a lie.
Like almost everyone ever, I wear my bobby-pins with the wavy side up, BUT to my utter dismay this is wrong! The ‘correct’ way to wear a bobby pin is flat side up! This gives an easier insertion, and a better grip against your hair… whaaaaat. I guess that way you can add cute embellishments to the flat side? Yusss I always manage to find a bonus to shoddy news, although I still feel a little betrayed.

No matter the truth, I will continue to wear my bobby pins wavy side up!
How about you?
bobby collage