EDIT your wardrobe

Glassons is every Kiwi girls go-to store. Words that come to mind when one thinks of Glassons include cheap, fast-fashion, mass produced, and totally accessible. One of the main issues being that as soon as a new great design comes out, everyone seems to own it. But as of this month Glassons has stepped up their game, big time!

Glassons headhunted Top Shop designer and Massey University graduate Kiriana Pettersen to design Glassons new range, EDT/edt./edit (I’m confused). What’s different about this line? The garments are constructed out of luxury fabircs such as 100% silk, cotton embroidered organza, and satin-backed crepe – but all range below $100! Excuse me?

Kiriana believes that every woman should be able to afford quality items of clothing – what’s more, some designs only have up to 70 pieces made to bring more exclusivity to the range! GC.

The only downside to the the edt. range is it’s only available online and at the Lambton Quay flagship store. And with some of the items apparently being ridiculously small in size, you would want to try that shiz on first!

Shop the range online by clicking here xo


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