The September Selfie Challenge

It’s September Selfie Challenge time!! – “sorry, what?” I hear you say…

Let me explain, as a blogger, it’s strange for me to admit it but outfit posts drive me a little crazy… I like an outfit post as much as the next internet crazed, fash-a-holic but I feel the authenticity of an ‘outfit’ post online seems to have gotten a little lost in translation – cough, free clothes  –

What I really want to see are REAL outfits that REAL girls wear on a daily basis! The good AND the bad. Nomsayn?

Then it came to me! After a post I recently did on 7 days of fashion drawing, I decided to challenge myself – and document my outfits for the entire month of September! A whole month of legitimate day-to-day looks.

As today is September 2nd I have only done two so far – (my dressing gown is practically my uniform on Sundays…)


If you want to join me (and have a great excuse for some shameless selfies) simply tag #septemberselfie on instagram or twitter with your OOTD and a little description! You don’t have to do the entire month, but occasionally seeing what you guys like to wear would be amazeballs!

I’ll be posting my images to my instagram for the rest of the month! Get amongst xo


One thought on “The September Selfie Challenge

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