Work-Style Stalker: 2 Tops, 6 Looks

I’m a working girl (kinda). I have class 4 days a week, and work all day in retail on Saturdays! I love my job, but one of the requirements is to wear clothes stocked in store…

Being a student I just can’t afford to spend the little money I make on clothes from my place of work. Luckily, only working Saturdays means I can cheekily get away with wearing the same pieces over and over! The only problem is I think I would rather die than consider wearing the exact same outfit every week – yes I am that lame. My store stocks both Cue and Veronika Maine, so I decided to buy one staple item from each brand and rehash them as best I could! 

I documented my attempt to revamp my two work tops over the last 6 weeks:
2tops, cue, veronika maine, work outfits
[ The tops: Veronika Maine black cut-out blouse, Cue maroon cropped cardigan ]

6 looks2The looks: I tried combining the tops with different pieces from my wardrobe, playing with hair and makeup, and finally combining the two tops together! I couldn’t go too crazy as I had to be work appropriate, and being Dunedin some form of leg coverage is a must unless you want to freeze your tits off! ]

Do you have to do the same for your job? Have any tips for minimum spediture but maximum outfit potential? Let me know below.


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