7 days of Fashion Drawing

I just finished my 2nd week of Fashion Studies at the Otago Polytechnic! Totally loving it!

I’ve put off doing practical study since high school… I never took fabrics class because I was terrified that I would suck at sewing and my dream would be over! Instead I took academic textile studies at University and put off anything that required me to actually MAKE anything. Now that my degree has finished I figured what the hell – I’m going to do it. I enrolled at the polytechnic down the road, and I’m actually loving it! And I don’t tooootally suck at it! Yay! 

Each day of the week is dedicated to a different discipline, and Thursdays is fashion drawing!! Probably my favourite class so far, closely followed by production. Now, I have literally never drawn anything since I was about 9, and weirdly enough I used to draw pages and pages of girls with different clothes on. It was meant to be! Awkwardly enough, my first attempt at drawing hadn’t changed too much since then…

Our homework was to draw ourselves everyday of the week leading up to our next class! I decided to take a photo of myself everyday so I could compare my drawing skills. Although I must note that fashion drawing is supposed to be a little distorted and exaggerated… I’m still working on that. I made a conscious effort to wear as simplistic and pattern-free clothing as possible to make it easier for me :p
Lets see how I went…

ThursdayThursday: My first attempt! The skirt looks a little drunk and I refused to try and draw hands so I hid them behind her back. Feet were also a tad stressful!

FridayFriday: Why did I wear a scarf?? I regretted this as soon as I started drawing! Attempted a hand, but avoided feet!

saturdaySaturday: Saturdays I have work so I wore my maroon jumper from Cue (I work at Cue). My best attempt at drawing skirt movement!  Didn’t realise how much I wear my black skirt until this assignment… awkward. I also figured out a sort of claw-like technique for hands that I stuck with for the rest of the week.
Slowly getting better!

SundaySunday: Enough said.

MondayMonday: Got the claw hands down! Snip snip. I wore my favourite velvet hair-bow and new shoes!
Proportions getting better!

TuesdayTuesday: Tuesday is sewing class so it’s ponytail day! I tried to make add more wrinkles in my clothes my tucking in to practise movement…
Maybe next week.

WednesdayWednesday: My first day wearing pants! Yay! Legs and neck could be a little longer on the drawing, but overall a moderate improvement from the first one me-thinks! 

I didn’t realise until uploading this, but my fringe is on the opposite side than I thought it was. Weird.
Have a good weekend!! xo


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