Spotlight on: NOM*D

My second official ‘Spotlight’ post!! Wooo and this time it is featuring New Zealand designer NOM*D and a cheeky peek at their upcoming 2013/14 Summer collection ‘Fans’.

‘Fans’ features a clash of print textiles and texture to create cutting edge kiwi design! You can definitely feel the designers Dunedin roots coming through in this collection. 

[ Dark and wittily sombre, NOM*D has created an iconic image on the New Zealand fashion landscape. The label’s designs, which reference traditional tailoring and use reworked vintage garments, are anchored by a utilitarian approach and the concept that clothes must, above all else, be wearable. ]

NOM*D has been making a name for itself in New Zealand and abroad since 1986!! This was news to me, with NOM*D showcasing in London Fashion Week in 1999! Wa-what? I love the stamp NZ design is taking on the world stage!

Take a scroll through my favourite pieces from ‘Fans’ and see what all the buzz is about:

Keep an eye out for the upcoming collection hitting their website in August! xo


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