My Top 5 Hotties (right now)

Number ONE // After the release of “blurred lines” I think it’s fair to say Robin Thicke gained some serious street cred in the babe department. Both he and Pharrell seem to get hotter with age… Pharrell is 40! Since when?? While Robin Thicke isn’t far behind at 36… Remember the 2002 song “When I get you alone”?? If not I recommend you Youtube the crap out of it immediately. This was when he was simply known as ‘Thicke’ and the wonders of a great barber where yet to be discovered. It makes me happy knowing he is actually a down-to-earth hippy under that tailored suit. We’d be perfect for eachother ❤ The bad? He’s married. To a stunner, Paula Patton. A quick google search tells me they have a son together and he is SUPER cute. I bet our children will be cuter…robinthicke

Number TWO // My new favourite show on TV has to be TVNZ’s Go Girls. It’s fun, vibrant and totally Kiwi. The BEST part of the show is the main character Ted the landscape gardener, played by George Mason. I don’t know when the show was filmed because it always seems to be sunny which is rare here in NZ, although it means George spends almost the entire series in stubbies (yay). I really hope he is as simple and sweet in real life as he is on TV! My friend went to school with him and said he stole her speech during the final assembly, but I can let that one slide! I’m usually a tall-dark-and-handsome kind of girl, but I would turn blonde for George any

Number THREE // Top 5 contestant on the X Factor New Zealand Benny Tipene is one of the reasons I’ve kept watching the show. Something about guys who can sing and play the guitar are just tops. They keep the world turning. I have spent at least two of my votes on Benny (free votes – so I only get one each week), and have spent approximately $10 on sexy guitar playing buskers this year alone! A new sexy busker has started playing in the alley I walk through to get to work, so I know this number is only going to increase from here. Damn those sexy buskers. Unfortunately, during a Facebook stalk of Bennys page – to me and my flatmates dismay – we found an abundance of cute couple photos of him and his Mrs. Guts. benny

Number FOUR // Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford stole the screen as Nate Archibald, double dipping between besties Serena and Blair. Now, Chace is my wall flower. He has a pretty face, looong eyelashes and great hair! Physically, he’s a number one. BUT unfortunately a pretty face wont make me laugh, sing me to sleep, or have in-depth discussions about the impact of the possible extinction of honey bees. chacecrawford

Number FIVE // This hunk-a-spunk really does deserve a higher spot in my list, but he was demoted due to his romance with smiley Miley – and in my book the S stands for something else. Liam Hemsworth is an actor, but I don’t actually know what he’s been in apart from The Last Song and the Aussie sit-com ‘Home and Away’. Google tells me he was in the Hunger Games, but I’ve seen that movie like twice, and I swear I don’t remember him being in it? I was probably too busy staring at JLaw. Props for being from Aussie, although you need a lot more than that to make up for his choice in woman. On the bright side it gives me a prop for placing my face over! (insert photoshop skills here).liam
Honourable mentions: 
Harry Styles, for his hair and accent. Alec Baldwin, for being a silver fox. 

Who would you add to your top 5?? xo 


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