One size does not fit all…

I have a crazy-hard time finding pants that fit me – so I literally don’t wear pants. Well jeans really… I have super long skinny legs, but rather wide hips so if I find a jean that fits me around the waist, it will more-than-likely be baggy around my calfs and probably wont reach my feet – and unless your an alternatively salty individual, or the jeans are made to be cropped, I suggest you put your ankles away. 

Luckily I discovered NZ founded Stanford Row! Stanford Row is a made-to-measure marketplace with hundreds of designers making their designs to your exact measurements! Because in reality, no women (or man) fits into 1 of the 6 or so designated size codes perfectly. Especially me! SO just for you, I’m offering a discount on TWO Stanford Rows designers! wipeeee. Check it:

Under The Root: wakeful culture with hand structured, fable inspired, lingerie, loungerie and boudoir accessories
Discount code: 76eUTRSummer (15%)
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Le Musetalks about real beauty which comes from inside the person
Discount code:  Summer Breeze (15%)

To explore more of entire designer range from Stanford Row’s made-to-measure fashion, just click here xo


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