A Cinderella Story

It’s school ball season here in NZ – apparently, so I took a small break from my exam study to help makeover my friends-boyfriends-sister and her best friend for their school formal! Oooh the nostalgia. I was almost more excited than they were!! And what a perfect excuse for a makeover post. Neither of them wear much makeup on a daily basis, so they asked for a little extra help getting dolled up…

DSCN1519[ Curls were kept long and soft on both girls, keeping them looking fresh and not over-done. No pageant ringlets here! Lots of hairspray and protectant spray kept the curls in place ]

[ Makeup was kept light, using light browns and greys to contour eyes, pale peaches and pinks for the lips, liquid liner along the top lids to add definition, topped of with false lashes. Georgia (left) wore several single lashes at the edges of each eye, while Lydia (right) opted for a set of angled lashes. ]

beforeafter[ Our beauty work station – before and after! ]

DSCN1525 [ Georgia – After xox ]
A flower added to her curls blended with her dress perfectly ❤

DSCN1528 2[ Lydia After xox ]
Lydia kept her jewellery modest, matching it with her black dress. What a minx! ]



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