A Case of the Blues

Exam time has put me in the state of the blues – literally. In celebration of my final Textiles exam EVER I decided to dye my hair BLUE! Don’t panic, it wasn’t all of it! Although I am rather tempted to do the rest at some point…
So yes, I dip-dyed my hair blue. A semi-permanent blue, but blue all the same.blue
First, I bleached the tips of my hair so the blue would show up better and brighter. I got my friend to help me do this because I probably would have messed it up. My hair does NOT like to be bleached, it took two applications to get it to turn a pale shade of orange. I used Nordic Blonde L1 by Schwarzkopf, applying it only to the bottom two inches of my hair! Once lightened, I applied the blue! I used La fiche semi-permanent hair colour in Midnight Blue

This stuff comes in a tub, so you literally have to paint it into your hair with an old power or paint brush.

What I’m mildly (really) excited about is the concept of being able to change the colour of my tips every few weeks! The blue should wash out soon – it’s looking lighter already, then I can change between blonde/orange tips, blue tips, and purple!! (yes I also have purple, decisions aren’t my strong point…)
If only my phone had a front facing camera (rocking the old-school 3GS), I would totally instagram the crap out of this.



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