WINTER Wish List

It’s WIIINNNTEERRRR. Officially. Although I hate the weather, I l-l-love Winter fashion.
I’ve recently purchased my Winter coat, and life has suddenly become 10x easier. I am yet to get an umbrella – so I have resorted to studying in my room today rather than venturing outside to the library – a mere 2min walk from my flat, BUT 2mins in the rain is still not worth it.
I’m drawn to muggy femme tones (I just came up with that! why I’m not studying linguistics I’ll never know..) like dirty purples, dark greys and pale brown. What I’m wearing really does effect my mood, and wearing black in the cold makes me want to write emotional poetry and sleep, when I should be writing fun blog posts and studying for exams. No black for me! Apart from some sexy leather pants… but common, looook at them.winter wish list updated

Leather pants
$240 –

Beanie hat
$7.60 –

Jane norman
$7.62 –

Giorgio Armani purple eye makeup
$68 –

Katy perry fragrance

Butter london

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