Save the Whales: Beauty against animal testing

I’ve always been strongly opposed to animal testing, but after witnessing a viral video featuring beagles being released from an animal testing laboratory (you know the one) I have taken it upon myself to research where our favourite brands stand on the animal testing debacle!

When it comes to shopping ethically, it can be difficult. So many brands throw out organic sounding buzz words in hopes of attracting customers, while distracting us from what’s happening behind the scenes with bright colours, fun words and DISCOUNTS! These can be so hard to ignore… why oh why?

While I’m not one to talk smack about brands on my blog, even those that use harmful chemicals and -gulp- animal testing what I will do is praise a few of the brands who set the ethical standard in the beauty and cosmetics industry!


Lush have been proudly fighting against animal testing for the last 30 years!
Not only are they against animal testing, but they buy their products from small-scale businesses across the globe, driving positive change in small communities! Read their testimonials here and here

2. Mirenesse Cosmetics
It’s no secret I love Mirenesse, but what’s even better than their cosmetic and beauty products, is the fact that they are proudly cruelty free, they use organic and safe ingredients AND they support a range of causes including Diabetes Foundations, and breast and ovarian cancer. Investigate for yourself here

3. Antipodes
This organic, New Zealand-based skin care line never tests on animals,
plus, all products have international vegetarian approval!

4. Australis
I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Australian brand Australis was 100% cruelty free!
I have used their liquid eyeliner for years and will continue to do so after seeing this.

Curious to see how your favourite brands stack up?
Have a snoop at this online cosmetics guide for ethical shopping and maybe you’ll think twice about the baby beagles before you make your next purchase.


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