4 Ways to Wear: High-Knee Socks

I must admit I have an extensive sock collection, with almost 1/3 of them being high-knee socks! I’ve found them to be an essential winter item for my wardrobe, as they keep me oh-so warm while looking oh-so cute! Win win.
I’ve had a few friends ask my opinion on how to wear high-knee socks, so I’ve made a visual list of my favourite ways to wear them during the Winter season. Enjoy x

1. Socks and boots – add some colour by wearing coloured socks with leather boots

2. Socks and short-shorts – work your summer shorts during Winter and stay toasty!

3. Socks over tights with boots – my ultimate favourite as it’s extra warm!

4. Scrunched down socks – looks good with both flats or heels!

How do you wear your high-knee socks?
Give some of these looks a try! xx


3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Wear: High-Knee Socks

    • They are actually from a borrowed image so I wouldn’t know sorry, mine are the black boots and they were gifted from a friend 😀 but yes the brown ones are amazeballs! x

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