Say what?! Know your fashion lingo

Never feel like a fashion-noob again with my short hand list of fashion lingo!
From fabrics to fashions and all in-between – I’ve got your back ladies
Alrighty, let’s start from the top…

Acrylic fabric is a synthetic man-made polymer fabric. Acrylic Fabrics are lightweight, soft and tend not to crease. Acrylic is often used as a substitute to wool in jackets, jumpers, tops and scarves etc. However it is not as warm.

A dress or skirt silhouette that is narrower at the top, flaring gently out to make an ‘A’ shape silhouette. Flattering on most figures in particular pear shapes.

An asymmetric design is a garment in which one side is long than the other. Asymmetric cuts are common in necklines, collars and hems.

A diagonal cut made against the grain of a fabric. Garments cut on the bias have a fluid movement and drape; following the curves of the body.

Bishop Sleeve 
A long sleeve that fullness in the sleeve and is held by cuff at wrist.

Originating in the 17th Century Brocade is italian for embossed cloth. A rich, ornate fabric with elaborate design – often reversible and featuring motifs such as flowers, foliage and scrollwork. Made with a jacquard loom.

A flat heeled, leather, laced-up shoe with a perforated pattern design.

Cap Sleeve 
A small sleeve (shorter than a normal sleeve) that sits on the shoulder.

Loose fitting dress that hangs straight from the shoulders with out a defined waist.

Empire Line
Low cut dress with high waistline and short bodice.

Fit and Flair 
Refers to a dress style characterized by a form-fitting Bodice with a skirt which flairs out towards the hemline, often with pleats or folds.

Harris tweed
A soft thick tweed woven from hand dyed woolen yarns. Popular fabric for coats and suits for both men and women.

Haute Couture 
Exclusive custom-fitted fashions that are the pinnacle of the fashion industry. French for high sewing or dressmaking!

A duotone textile pattern of checks and four-pointed shapes, used particularly for outerwear, jackets, and skirts.

the two triangular pieces of cloth that extend from the collar of a suit jacket.

Mary Jane 
A flat female shoe with rounded, closed toes and a buckled strap across the instep.
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A silk-like fibre made from the hair of the angora goat.

Non transparent or sheer.

A patterned, woollen cloth with repeat horizontal and vertical blocks of colour such as tartan.

A style of dress which resembles the shape of a scuba-diving costume. Usually has a high neck and comes in around the arm holes.

Tea length 
A dress or gown that extends to the end of the shin.

Tapered Leg
Pant legs that become progressively narrower toward the ankle. Tapered Leg has a relaxed fit through the thigh and knee and tapered from the knee to the ankle.

A very fine mesh like net fabric, used in eveningwear and bridal gowns – think tu tu’s

Similar to velvet, Soft material of short pile. Used for tracksuits and other sports wear items, made popular in the 1970s.

Not just the magazine, but a word describing the current fashion trend.

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