Makeup Brush Guide

makeupbrus collage

The day I got my first set of makeup brushes I was suddenly overwhelmed – the sizes, the shapes, what did they all do? Well lucky for you, I’m here to help.
These are the brushes that I like to use and what I use them for (some of my uses may be different to yours – but it works!)

1. Powder Brush. For bronzer, blush, and BB powder. This brush is large and I use it for pretty much anything that needs to cover a large area. Not ideal for contouring.
2. Contouring Brush. – Note the angled head. This brush is ideal for bronzing or blushing along the cheek bone. I also use this brush lightly around my eye when bronzing.
3. Highlighter Brush. Use this brush to apply highlighter across the top of the cheek bone and under the eyebrow. I don’t have a highlighter myself but a white or shimmery eyeshadow does the job!
4. Fan Brush. These brushes are good for applying powder – which I don’t really wear, but look how cool the brush looks!!
5. Foundation Brush. For applying foundation (duh). I usually use my fingers to apply foundation but it can turn out patchy and uneven. Using a foundation brush will allow an even and smooth application!
6. Mineral Foundation Brush. Thin Lizzy anyone? I love Thin Lizzy foundation and the brush it comes with is the only one that applies it well.
7. Eyeshadow Brush. I swear there are 100 types of eye brushes, and I swear they all do the same thing, it just depends how you use it. A basic eye shadow brush like this can cater to all my eyeshadow needs.
8. Concealer Brush. I use this puppy a lot – hence why there is so much product left on the brush. My bad. The angled shape makes it easy to use around the eye area.
9. Eyebrow Brush. Smooth down stray hairs with the comb side, then spray a little hairspray onto the fuzzy side of this brush before smoothing my brows. This will keep them in place aaaall night long.
10. Lip Brush. For your lips!
11. Angled Brush. I think this brush is intended for use on your eyes, but I use this as a brow filler by using it with a small amount of brown eyeshadow.

There are so many sizes, shapes, and brands to consider when buying brushes BUT at the end of the day, it’s what you do with it, and your level of skill. If you find one brush that does it all and works for you, then rock it! But be sure to let me know! xx


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