Make your own: Velvet Headband

I’ve been looking for decently priced velvet (or velour) for a while now. One trip into town revealed that most fabric stores sell velvet for around $35-$40 a metre! And being a university student, I just can’t afford that. Feeling down and mildly frustrated, I headed into an op-shop to find some uplifting charity.
Then I found it – a blue velvet bean-bag cover… for $4!! My day was pretty much made. My first creation? A velvet headband!
Follow my easy instructions and make one yourself x


Step 1: Measure the circumference of your head – my cranium turned out to be 58cm! Step 2: Add 10cm onto this measurement – this will give room for seam allowances and for the headband knot.
Step 3: Select your width and add 1″ for seam allowances. I went with 10.5cm

DSCN0931    DSCN0934

Step 4: Pin down seam edges ready to sew. Leave several inches at each end so the extra width will cup the back of your head
Step 5: After sewing down the edges, tie a knot in the middle of the fabric
Step 6: Sew the ends together! 


How easy! x x


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