5 Ways to Wear: Coloured Liner

I’ve been wearing winged liquid eyeliner almost everyday since I was 16! And as much as I love the sultry cat-eye look, sometimes I want to add some colour to my palette.

To create these looks I’m using the ‘Inside Out 27hr Eye Kohl’ by Mirenesse Cosmetics.
I love these liners as they produce a bold colour with a hint of sparkle.
They’re anti-crease and waterproof, meaning they literally do last 27hours! I tested a swatch on my hand and it lasted a good 2 days!


Look One: Coloured waterlineblue_liner_original

For this look I used colour 14. Khnum, to add a pop of colour along my top and bottom waterline. Waterlines can be an issue to colour as product can tend to wash away and smudge below the eye. As this product is waterproof it will stay in place all day!
My flatmate wears blue liner in her waterline with her blue eyes and blonde hair and it looks amazing! Wearing colours close to your natural eye colour will make them stand out.

Look 2: Layered liner
DSCN1045 2
DSCN1030    DSCN1048

This look was made by layering a coloured kohl liner with a black liquid liner.
1) Apply the coloured liner in a thick line, much thicker than you would regularly apply.
2) Then, run a black liquid liner along your lash line, leaving a peek-a-boo hint of colour at the top. I prefer to use a liquid brush pen to avoid clumping.
3) To add some extra colour, run the kohl along your waterline.
I love this purple the most (colour 3. Hathor) as it suits my hair and skin tones. Mixing it with black also provides some subtlety.

Look 3: Colour smudge
DSCN1007DSCN1024 2

1) Like the second look, apply the coloured kohl liner thickly along the top lid. For this colour I used ‘colour 2. Cleo’ by Mirenesse.
2) At the end of the lash line, smudge the eye kohl in an upwards and outwards direction with either an eyeshadow brush, or the end of your pinky or ring finger.
3) Apply a black liquid liner along the lash line.

Look 4: Bold top lid colour

1) Apply the coloured liner to your top lid as you would a black liquid liner.
2) To add definition apply false lashes rather than black liner!
3) Add a white or silver liner or eyeshadow to the inner eye to make them pop! I’ve used the silver 27hr Eye Kohl in (colour 5. Serapis).

Look 5: Outter liner
DSCN1049 2

1) One bold line under the waterline and connecting to the top liquid liner line is another fun way to use coloured liner.
2) Add thick mascara to the bottom lid so your eyes don’t look washed out.

Check out the 27hr kohl colour range yourself my clicking here x


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