Bag Burning: Burning our future

It’s rant time again – but for good reason.

Not many consumers realize this, but high class couture brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton actually BURN their excess stock at the end of each season.
From a historical perspective, it’s understandable – Coco Chanel herself initiated the tradition. Counterfeiting is a huge problem for luxury brands, and disposing of end-of-season stock ensures that product wont end up in the hands of people wanting to replicate the designs. Louis Vuitton is famous for not having item on sale – this helps to maintain the high-class reputation of the brand and keep its elite clientele.


From a marketing perspective, it’s genius. This tradition was however started in the early 20th century, when resources were in abundance (or so we thought). But, this is a new generation, an almost completely new world – in a cultural sense. Our resources are at a detrimental low, and making prestigious items in the knowledge that X% of them will end up in the furnace seems not only stupid – but selfish. 

These are the people and the brands that we look up to. It’s time to take one for the team and change traditions, setting the standard for others and bringing our generation into modern, sustainable times. Nomsaying?
Time for a cocktail x


One thought on “Bag Burning: Burning our future

  1. Absolutely agree. I knew they did it before, but it really is such a waste at the times when we need to learn how to re-use things as much as we can!

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