Top instagram/facebook stalk: Kelly Eden

67600_426348704087278_1776149387_n     484802_446613182060830_1100788568_n 602681_435374609851354_684402766_n      262369_179433308778820_6205044_n
Need I say more?
I stumbled across this babe during a burst of facebook stalkage after a Skrillex gig (I take it they’re pals), and for over a year now miss Kelly has maintained the number one spot as my ‘go-to stalk’. A worthy title.

From what I’ve taken from her pages, she’s an artist/model/makeup artist who rocks this kind of fetish/burlesque/anime theme with her banging pink hair, tattoos and latex costumes.

God, I wish I could be 1/10th as badass as she is. And have pink hair…
Her artwork and projects are so fun to follow! The below picture is my current laptop background. Ahh gym motivation if I ever saw it…

Stalk her facebook here or instagram here
I wont tell – promise x


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