DIY Nail Art: Geometric Gems

I bought a nail art set off ASOS a while back but gave up on using the pens as they seemed to just damage the bottom layer of polish – either that or I’m just too spastic to wait for the polish to dry. The set also came with a few coloured nail gems which I decided was time to put into use, and get a little ghetto chic! In an attempt to not to look too over-the-top, I only decorated two nails on each hand.

DSCN0553    DSCN0588Step 1: Paint a base coat and allow to completely dry. I left mine overnight
Step 2: Using a piece of tape (or in this case a plastic post-it note) stick to the nail on a diagonal angle
Step 3: Paint in the gap using a colour of your choice. Apply liberally
Step 4: Peel the tape away gently and allow to dry
Step 5: To apply gems or rhinestones to nails, first apply a generous layer of top-coat polish – this will behave like a glue
Step 6: Apply gems carefully with tweezers
Step 7: Apply another layer of top-coat to set in place



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