Dress me up: Date Night

As many of you are aware Valentines Day was the other day and I wanted to celebrate in style, and on a budget! I bought these shoes on Valentines Day, not having time to break them in. Being me, I didn’t think about the repercussions of this, nor did I remember to write down where the restaurant was!! This meant we ended up wandering the streets (and climbing a few hills) before we eventually found the restaurant. Funnily enough I got blisters for Valentines Day… when will I learn?

[ Black shift dress that I altered with the same technique I showed in Sack to Sass, coupled with a black blazer. Shoes from Wildpair ($40 down from $130! I was basically making money) brown leather satchel, gold chain necklace and black velvet hair bow. I wore ‘CKIN2U her’ as my Mr. gave it to me for Christmas ❤ ]

DSCN0583      DSCN0557[ Half pulled back hairstyle secured with velvet hair bow, and my Valentines Day present xx ]


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