Spot the Difference


I bought these baby’s online for almost nothing! They were advertised as (insert designers name here) replicas, so I can’t blame ignorance. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with counterfeit products in any way – they make money by exploiting the hard work and branding of others to make a profit. But these were so cheap – and a great excuse for a rant. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I was having a yarn with a fellow student the other day about the possibility of a world where money didn’t exist. As a Marketing student I was quick to point out the 101 ways this would never work (at least in our lifetime) but in regards to fashion, it made me rather excited.

Imagine if there was no money, money wouldn’t have dictation over taste. We wouldn’t express ourselves by what expensive brand we were wearing, but by what we could do with the items we owned or made. Fashion would be SO much more expressive and individual. Fashion wouldn’t be wearing what someone you don’t know tells you is cool, it would involve wearing what you love, just because you love it.

Now I’m not anti-label, there are many many designers I love and really admire – I only wish we don’t take what they say too seriously. I’m imagining a world of Helena Bonham Carter’s, Lady Gaga’s, Bjork’s, and Dita Von Tease’s. This isn’t likely to happen anytime soon, but just IMAGINE.


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