From Sack to Sass

This is my wee trick to spice up any plain/sack/shift dress in minutes! It works by gathering the sides of the dress to give it lift and shape. I’ve done this to several of my own dresses, so when my flatmate asked me to do hers I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a tutorial! Minimal skills needed (promise!!)

  DSCN0537         DSCN0555

  [ Before and after ]
This technique gives a curvier look and better fabric drape, as well as a sneaky peak at some upper thigh! 

DSCN0545    DSCN0548

Step 1: Measure how much of a rise you want on each side of the dress, mark just below this point. (The fabric will cover the mark don’t worry!)
Step 2: Hand stitch loose wide stitches up the side of the dress, finishing just above your marked point. I did stitches about 1.5cm in length.
Step 3: Tug on the thread gently to create folds in the fabric and this crimped effect.
Step 4: Pass your needle through the crimps several times to secure, and tie off.



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