DIY Imperfect Hair Bow

This is such a fun hairdo and ridiculously easy. I like that it doesn’t look to polished, making it a perfect daytime look for a casual lunch or for class.

DSCN0492     DSCN0494DSCN0496   DSCN0498

Step 1: Tie your hair up into a high ponytail, only pulling the last loop half way through.
Step 2: Split the loop in half and pull it apart.
Step 3:
Take the remaining hair from the back and twist
Step 4: Bring the twist down between the separated bow shape, and fold it under one side.
Step 5: Wrap the twist around the base of the bow and secure with bobby-pins.

I must say, this look would be a lot easier with mid length/short hair! My maine can be difficult to tame. Try it yourself x


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