DIY Beaded Shoulder Sweater

During the Spring I decided to make my own beaded shoulder sweater. I had seen sweaters around with details on the shoulders and I thought – I can do that!

I went out and bought a long grey sweater from the mens store Hallensteins. It was the only place I could find a sweater long enough to cover my ass as I wanted to have something I could wear just with leggings in the Winter.
From the bead store I purchased 120 glass beads! These weren’t super cheap but the girl at the store gave me 10 beads for free because she liked my ear-cuff! It pays to look cute when you’re shopping ; )

DSCN0421       DSCN0426

I ended up using 118 beads, 59 on each shoulder – all done by hand!! This got soo tedious after a while, I had keep getting up to do stretches. I started off with white thread but after realizing how terrible it looked I changed to grey! Love the end result, the pain was worth it. I wear this puppy all the time.



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