Odd Trend: Transparent Shoes

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I don’t particularly love feet. Let alone while they’re incased in tight plastic. So I’ve been seeing transparent plastic shoes floating about and it’s honestly beginning to stress me out. Not only are they plastic and some confusing mix between space-age and retro, but they make your feet look squished and awkwardly sweaty – it’s just overall an unattractive scene.
I love 60’s fashion, I really do, but this one style I was hoping wouldn’t come full circle. Maybe they’ll grow on me? Or not?

transparent-footwear               daisy_street_shoes_jmp2012_batch_3pt2_53_of_140_tumblr_m8hlp5o0zm1qcs7fzo1_400             MM6-Maison-Martin-Margiela-shoes-Transparent-Boot-(Yellow)-010604


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