O.P.I Nail Art Strips Review

I’ve seen these nail art strips for a while now, and being a nail art lover/shaky hand sufferer, I decided I had to give these a go.

I purchased ‘Pure Lacquer nail apps’ by O.P.I for a whopping $24.90NZD!! That’s a whole dollar more than a full bottle of O.P.I nail polish! My second disappointment/confusion with this product was when I realized that the packs included 16 – yes 16 – nail strips.
Last time I counted I had 10 fingers? They come in different sizes but the largest size was too big even for my big toe! A tad unnecessary.

DSCN0388              DSCN0399       The instructions simply say:
1) Start with clean dry nails
2) Remove top clear film; peel strip away from backing
3) Place strip on nail and smooth
4) Crease strip at nail edge and file away

These are VERY misleading instructions I feel. Step 2 really should be two steps! It’s very confusing – you literally have to peel the strip of nail polish off like, ten pieces of plastic (not actually 10 it just feels like it) and just stick it to your nail. Creasing and filing I struggled with too, I ended up just ripping it off at the tip.
After all that I do like the finished result, but I feel like they could be peeled off just as easily as they were put on. I do have a terrible habit of playing with my nails so I doubt these will last very long. There is no drying time though so there’s a benefit! Yay money not totally wasted! Personally, I think I’ll stick with regular nail polish for a while.


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