DIY 2013 Diary Collage

So I went a bit crazy on the personalization again…
University is starting up again in a few weeks time and I 100% rely on the use of a diary to keep track of my life. Unfortunately the diary’s they provide us with at uni are ugly, plain, and everyone has the same one!! I decided to take action and purchase my own.

Then I faced another issue – the only 2013 diary’s they had left at the bookstore (it is the end of January I suppose) were not as cute as I had hoped for.
When I got home I rounded up all my old FQ’s and Vogue’s and decided to embrace my inner child – and collage the crap out of it!

DSCN0284    DSCN0376
My tools for this exercise included:

  • Various cut-outs from magazines (I attempted to go for pinks, and black and white)
  • A diary (obviously)
  • White ribbon
  • Purple glitter
  • My trusty Geotype font maker to print ‘2013’
  • Clear duraseal to protect the front of the finished diary

                                                 Ta Da!


What do YOU think? x


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