Favourite Pink Summer Lipstick

Countessa Flourescent by Lime Crime

This colour is so much fun! It gives a pop to a plain outfit or adds a touch of spunk! I don’t think I’m quite indie enough to pull off some of the lipstick colours that are available by Lime Crime but oh I wish I could!

Untitled    20100423_bb_560x375

To pull off colours like blue, green or pale purple successfully, it really depends on the personality of the wearer, and most importantly skin tone. Tan skin tones paired with pale lipstick shades tend to look sick, it really does remind me of a dehydrated sailor. But that’s just me…
I find Lime Crime lipstick will last all night and only needs a top-up occasionally! My only disappointment is the packaging – it reminds me of play lipsticks I had as a child. In my opinion you can never go wrong with simple makeup packaging.

To shop the Lime Crime lipstick range click here
Happy shopping x


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