I Shot Rock and Roll

Today I spent my last day in Auckland exploring the ‘Who Shot Rock and Roll’ exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery, direct from its US tour. This was especially interesting as I am currently reading Keith Richards autobiography ‘Life’ and the exhibition allowed me to put faces to the many names Keith encounters along his journey.

Among the many artists and photographers featured, one in particular caught my attention, leading me to do some of my own research. Hipgnosis was a young english art design group established well before completing art school. They specialized in creating album art for the covers for some of rock and rolls most recognizable names including Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and The Who.

10cc_deceptive       HIPGNOSIS+-+ufo+-+force+itscorpions_love-drive78       SSbig

I find some of these covers stunningly beautiful, out of the ordinary, and somewhat haunting. Most of these were done only through photography using dark room tricks and cut and paste techniques – remember, these were the days before photoshop!
Check out more images from Hipgnosis here

Downstairs in the free exhibition cameras were permitted – thank god. This piece was very cool and fits with the rock and roll theme! I didn’t realize it looked like a cassette tape until I looked at the image afterwards! The first picture is a close up of the centre, completely made from metals including aluminum and copper:


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