Macbook Makeover

The best part about university is personalizing my stationary! It’s no wonder having an identical laptop to over half the student body was starting to stress me out.

I have a bright pink keyboard cover which I love love love. Not only does it look super cute, but it prevents crumbs from getting in your keyboard (especially important for me as I am notoriously grubby). I’ve had a few awkward moments in the university library when I get out all my pink stationary, pink laptop case, pink glasses case etc and the person (usually male) besides me gives me a ‘seriously?’ kind of look. But what can I do?


I ordered one of those fun Macbook stickers online from but it never arrived in the post. This disappointment was remedied  when I was given a set of Geotype stickers after they were found in the back of a cupboard during a burst of summer cleaning. So so old school but so much fun. The letters rub off on anything using a led pencil – glass, paper, plastic, metal, wood, it’s like magic! You can see below the pencil marks on the letters I have already used. I can’t wait to use these on my books/room/life when I return to study!


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