DIY Lace Shoulder Shirt

I bought this sheer black top during my op shop haul with the intention of decking it out with some of the lace I have hoarded over the last year.

The triangle vintage lace used here was given to me by my grandma – she told me it’s over 80 years old! This was a lot of pressure while sewing as I didn’t want to ruin it! It’s not exactly something you can replace! The circle pieces were also given to me by her, I decided to use these as mini shoulder pad/things.


I sewed the triangle lace on first following along the neck hole at the back of the top. To sew the triangles themselves, pin the entire piece into place before starting to sew! I had to check this several times to make sure it was lined up correctly.
When sewing the points on the lace, insert the needle fully into the fabric when reaching each tip, then left the foot with the needle still inserted. Spin the fabric beneath the foot.
This got rather tedious after the first several triangles but it paid off!
For the circles, I simply sewed a broken zig-zag stitch around the edge.



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