Op Shop Haul: K’ Road

I couldn’t help myself, I went shopping again – twice.
Karangahape Road in Auckland NZ (commonly referred to as K’ road) has an abundance of op shops all so close together I just had to go back. In my defense I only bought things I that were very cheap! #studentlife

Day 1 haul:
Clockwise from left:

  • Black singlet with gold trim ($5 from Red Cross)
  • Royal notepad – I honestly only bought this because it has my initials on the front: ER
  • Mustard hair bow ($5 White Elephant)
  • Doily to add to my collection ($5 White Elephant)
  • Peach blazer ($8 White Elephant)
  • Zip up crop top – perfect for wearing under my very showy One Teaspoon Pinky dress ($15)
  • Floral 3/4 length skirt ($15 The Op Shop)

Day 2 haul:
Clockwise from left:

  • Floral skirt ($10 The Op Shop)
  • Black long sheer top – my plan is to cover the shoulders and back with white lace! ($10 The Op Shop)
  • Pink and white lace vest with gold buttons ($15 The Op Shop)
  • Floral blouse ($5 a small shop next to Metro Retro)
  • Velour regal shoes ($16 Paperbag Princess)
  • Spotted leotard ($14 Paperbag Princess)
  • Plus vanilla incense and gold stretch necklace bought for me as a belated birthday gift by my friend

Keep an eye out on the facebook page – one of the items shown here will be available to a lucky follower over the next few weeks xox


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