Adjustable Fashion: The Zipper Dress

Zip-me-up dresses have taken to the next level with this baby! When I stumbled across it I just HAD to share:

sexy-skimpy-zip-on-dress sexy-elegant-transforming-zipper-dress

This dress is the creation of Sebastian Errazuriz, an artist-designer from Chile. Composed of 120 individual zips it is the ultimate in adjustable clothing. The one reason this dress is a good idea is because you can make a-zillion-and-one different dresses out of it by simply rearranging the zips.
The negative – obviously – is that it would be extremely uncomfortable, cold, and some cheeky Mr. in the street could undress you with the pull of a zip! Awkward much?

Attire or art? I’d go for the latter.


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