DIY Nail Art

I can spend hours looking at different nail art online – I only wish I could do it myself! I’ve bought nail art pens before but I lack the skill required to actually pull off anything apart from miss-matched splotches.
Then I discovered geometric nails using household scotch tape! This doesn’t take much skill to pull off (perfect for me) and there are so many fun variations to try!
nail tape
As I’m a first timer I started with simple half and half and angled designs.
I only have a limited selection of nail polishes with me as its the university holidays here, but I did have two metallic shades: the bottom colour is ‘Meet me on the starferry’ by OPI and top colour is ‘Goldeneye’ by OPI.


  • Make sure the first colour is completely dry before applying the scotch tape
  • TOP TIP: Stick and restick the tape to your arm before applying to the nail – this will ensure most of the adhesive is lost so the first colour isn’t damaged when it’s time to remove the tape
  • Stick the tape to your nail in the pattern of your choice
  • Apply the 2nd colour liberally
  • Remove the scotch tape with care
  • Top coat time!



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