2013 People’s Choice Awards: Who got it right?

Earlier this week the 2013 People’s Choice Awards held its 39th year at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angels, California. The winners of the awards show were selected by the votes cast by fans including favourite movies, TV shows and songs – but does anyone actually care about the opinions of a handful of Americans?
All I want to know is, what were the nominees wearing??
Here is a list of my personal likes and dislikes of the night, but first lets start with the fun part:

Who got it WRONG
PC paris159215501emma-watson-peoples-choice-awards-2013-winner-01

  • Lets start with miss Paris Hilton. First of all, people’s choice? Who chose for her to be there? I appreciate that she matched her shoes with the dress – which is probably the only thing you could match that dress with, but this honestly hurts my eyes when I try and look at the detailing. I do love prints, but this is just too much. 
  • Katy Perry. Do I really need to explain? She looks like she’s in mourning… I miss the Katy who rocked crazy coloured hair and eatable breasts. 
  • You may need to enlarge this picture of Emma Watson to see the detailing on the front of the dress, but it has oddly placed holes in the front that make her boobs look very strange… 6 different opportunities for a nip-slip!

Who got it RIGHT
PC taylor swiftPC jenChloe-Moretz-Neon-Peoples-Choice-Awards-2013

  • Taylor Swift kept it simple with this plunging white dress and turquoise blue earrings. Very classic hollywood, perfect fit, and not TOO showy. I only wonder what her shoes might look like.
  • Jennifer got her dominatrix on in a leather Dior number. Is it just me or does she gradually look younger?? If she had added accessories it could have easily gone wrong – defiantly one of my faves.
  • Chloe Moretz has received a lot of online criticism for this dress as it is a tad too bright for her skin tone. I personally love it! As it’s spring over in the USA it’s perfect for the season awards show, while keeping it fun and age appropriate.

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