Breaking News: In High Heel Shoes

Two students from the Simon Fraser School of Interactive Arts and Technology in Canada have designed a prototype for an adjustable high heel shoe. Pantea Shahsavani and Nasim Jahangiri recognized the health risks associated with wearing high heels for more than two hours, so have created a heel that functions as a 5 inch heel, but can reduce in height to 2.5 inches. This way, the wearer can strut her stuff in a desirable 5 inches, while having the ability to lower the heel for activities like walking and driving. The shoe also includes a buzzer in the heel that lets the wearer know when it’s time to shorten the heel!

The prototypes are made from a leather body and wooden heel.
I can see the appeal in owning a pair of shoes like this, especially if you’re a working woman who wears high heels on a daily basis, but I’m just NOT sure about the colour choices… although I’m sure if these puppies take off they will be available in more colours (fingers crossed).
Click here for the article


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