Op Shop Haul

While up in Auckland I did a bit of op shopping and found a few ‘diamonds in the rough’. i.e. there was A LOT of crap. But I did find these little gems:


Clockwise from left:

  •  Lace tu-tu dress. This needs a few stitches here and there to secure loose ends, but apart from that it was a great find
  •  ‘Grandma top’ decorated with bronze polyester thread
  •  Gold and white costume jewellery (only $2!!)
  •  60’s vintage full-length dress (with shoulder pads!! only $4.50)
  •  Black crochet crop top
  • Genuine leather satchel (only $3.50!) It came without a shoulder strap but I simply added one of my own

My goal when shopping was to find pieces that have the potential to alter. I plan to slut-up the blue vintage number, and potentially combine the grandma top and crochet crop top to make a dress.
I will post any adjustments I make so stay tuned! x


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